Janyaa empowers kids with hands on learning

25SANTA CLARA, CA, Every concept in math and science can be taught in a simple and practical way. Janyaa was born out of this powerful idea with a noble goal of changing the lives of underprivileged children in India by simply changing the way they learn.

Started in 2009 by Venu Nadella, Janyaa has been on a mission of empowering children with hands on learning. Janyaa is a 501c (3) tax exempt non profit organization. With its unique lab in the box program, Janyaa teaches young children across India the concepts of science and math in an effective way so that children can understand them by relating them to their daily life.

Janyaa has grown tremendously over the span of 5 years by empowering over 100,000 children from 800 schools spread across 10 states in India.

The working model of Janyaa is quite simple. A kit containing over 90 science and math experiments has been developed to match the curriculum of state schools. Each experiment has been carefully crafted using the principles of simplicity and practical understanding. Teachers are trained on using this kit to teach children from 6th to 9th grade. These teachers then make the daily classes in their schools more effective and interesting by infusing the hands on experiments from Janyaa.

With this, children take more interest in understanding the concepts, relate them effectively to their daily lives and more importantly have increased scientific temperament. Janyaa has consistently received a highly positive and encouraging response from both teachers and students.

Janyaa’s program is highly sustainable and cost effective. A kit delivered to a school empowers students for 4 consecutive years. Imagine this, with just a small stick and two magnets, the students learn how magnets attract and repel, and how about learning an abstract concept like center of gravity with help of a fork and a coin.

A complex topic like sound wave transmission is demonstrated to the students by using a string attached to 2 plastic cups. How wonderful, kids talking to their fellow classmates using plastic cups and learning the concept.
These are just some of the exciting experiments that teach and ingrain science and math concepts to thousands of children in a language they can understand, a medium they can enjoy and a concept they can use in their daily lives.

If you would like to support janyaa in it’s mission and to learn more details, please contact Janyaa at info@janyaa.org or visit www.janyaa.org

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