Jayalalitha was to come for FOG 2017

jayaFREMONT, CA: Community leaders in America have reacted with shock at the untimely demise of the popular and dynamic leader of Tamil Nadu – nay the whole of India – J Jayalalithaa, who was an inspiration for many here even though operating thousands of miles away.

Summing up the feelings of many, Dr Romesh Japra, Chairman, FIA & Publisher, India Post newsweekly, said in a message, “A void in Tamil Nadu politics that cannot be filled. We will miss a dynamic and charismatic leader. We were fortunate to award her as “People’s leader” in Festival of Globe, 2016. We were looking forward to have her gracious presence in Silicon Valley during FOG 25th anniversary in 2017, but I am sure she will be blessing us from heaven.”

Anu Natarajan, Former Vice Mayor, City of Fremont, said, “I have always admired Jayalalitha for thriving as a strong woman in the world of Indian politics. She is someone who was well read, articulate, and culturally sensitive.

While she had her detractors, the intensity of devotion to her among the people of Tamil Nadu is indication of how well she connected with the people.”
Abu Khan, California Co-ordinator of AIADMK said, “Iron lady of Tamil politics and an inspiration to all women politicians. We will miss such a talented, courageous and able administrator.”

Lakshmi Iyer, Coordinator, FOG, said, “What I admire about the late Chief Minister is that she was a survivor in the harsh world of politics, that, too, in the 80s and 90s in Tamil Nadu, when there was much more sexism to contend with. She initiated numerous schemes for women and children and this will be one of the strong points of her legacy. As a convent educated (in India, convent schools are some of the most reputed), articulate woman who was a top student, a part of me and maybe every upper middle class, educated Indian woman identifies with her. She managed to win the hearts of people in a way that very few people do, as someone else has commented. She related to the poor and less fortunate sections of society and that is what we all can emulate.

“Above all, she lived. As a top student, famous actress and then a politician, leader and legend, she has blazed many career paths and touched the lives of millions. Even her critics and haters would agree – she could certainly not be brushed off.”
Ramana Annamraju, CEO, Bricks for Beauty, said, “She was a lioness and true feminist of Indian politics.”

India Post News Service

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