Jayshree Patel is NY Life advisory board chair

Jayshree Patel
Jayshree Patel

Anil Shah
CHICAGO: Jayshree Patel has added a new feather in her cap of achievements by being the first woman in the history of New York Life to be this year’s Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of Directors (ABD)
Jayshree of the Greater Chicago General Office was the 2012 Council President and with this new assignment she has now a new milestone in her career with this premiere insurance company. In her career spanning 21 years with the company, Jayshree has qualified for Council 20 times, including 19 times at the Chairman’s Council level and 10 times for Chairman’s Cabinet.

Advisory Board of Directors comprises the current Council President and all former Council Presidents who qualified for the 2018 Chairman’s Council. These experienced leaders meet twice annually with senior management in the Home Office and provide valuable input on strategic issues.

ADB Members are Jayshree Patel, Greater Chicago (ABD Chairwoman). James E. Adkins Jr., Greater Washington, Lizzie Dipp Metzger, CFP, AEP, MSFS, El Paso, Tim C. FitzGerald, MSFS, AEP, Shreveport, Robert D. Hall, Eastern Washington. Samuel L. Hebert, Louisiana. Rodger K. Johnson, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, Dallas. Mark B. Kline, New Orleans, William E. Mahoney, Jr., South Florida, Christie S. Mueller, Seattle, Jaydev R. Patel, New Jersey Richard R. Paulsen, Stockton, Michael T. Piotrowicz, CLU, ChFC, Valley Forge, Curtis T. Schultz, Greater Chicago
John P. Schwan, Great Plains, Raymond J. Triplett, CLU, ChFC, CFP, Silicon Valley.
For 20 years, Jayshree has helped thousands of clients achieve financial security for themselves and their loved ones, repeatedly earning accolades and awards from New York Life for her efforts to provide sound guidance and expert advice to her local community. Across her clients, Jayshree has more than $2 billion in life insurance currently in force.
Outside of her career accomplishments, Jayshree is married to Nilam, a distinguished New York Life agent. In 2018 their daughter Riddhi also joined the New York Life agency team.

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