‘Kathak Riaaz’ session held



SUNNYVALE: Dance Karishma, a school of Kathak, folk and Bollywood dance forms, organized a ‘Kathak Riaaz’ session on March 9 at Las Palmas Park and Recreation Center in Sunnyvale.

Around 50 students participated and practised ‘Tatkaar’, meaning footwork in a rhythmic cycle of sixteen beats, called ‘Teentaal’. The session continued for two hours. The participants, who were aged from five to adults, received overwhelming response from the audience

The event, ‘Ten thousand bells (ghungharoos) rhyming together’, was visualized, planned and executed by Kathak guru Jaya Sharma, who is Artistic Director at Dance Karishma and the driving force behind this initiative.

“Riaaz is an intricate part of learning any art form, and to cultivate such habits in my students, I arranged this session,” Sharma said.