Keen Learners says every child should attend preschool to survive and thrive in the post-covid world

Keen Learners Montessori
Keen Learners Montessori
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As parents, we tend to prepare the road for our children instead of focusing on preparing the child for the road. We need to realize that all we have is a child unprepared to face the world. Taking away the repercussions is one way to achieve it. 

There is no doubt that the global health epidemic has wreaked havoc on all aspects of human life and education worldwide. More specific to early childhood education, this international health crisis has triggered unprecedented, widespread, and dramatic changes in the lives of children and their families and early childhood teacher educators. As a result, preschool enrollment has plunged to its lowest level countrywide in almost a quarter-century.

According to the CDC, Covid can affect young children aged birth to five years. Beyond being sick, the epidemic has negatively influenced many young children’s social, emotional, and mental health. Disruptions in daily routines and the sudden loss of familiar caregivers due to physical distance can be stressful for young children. Trauma experienced at this stage of development may have long-term consequences throughout their lives.

The disease spread by a tiny virus has pushed the entire childhood education system to the brink of collapse, encouraging early childhood firms to advocate for coronavirus financial packages to protect the preschool education programs.

Studies suggest that children who receive preschool education display better, more extraordinary pre-reading skills, larger vocabularies, and more vital fundamental math skills when they reach kindergarten than those who do not.

Children are naturally born with a curious mind. They desire to learn the abilities that their families and the larger society value, such as reading toy instructions or selecting the appropriate notes or coins for payment. They acquire necessary social and academic skills through fun games and activities. Preschool is often a child’s first encounter in an organized environment with teachers and groups of youngsters.

The preschool builds a strong foundation for children to be better citizens and grow in their careers. The children learn respect for others and themselves, teamwork, and care for their surroundings with an eagerness to learn.

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“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai

The Children also learn about following a routine, waiting, and getting guidelines from the teachers. Quality preschool education also enables kids to find answers through experimentation, teamwork, and exploration.

In a preschool setting, children build a sense of independence and learn that they can do basic chores for themselves. Learning new skills and abilities improves one’s self-esteem.

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