Khichari Kirtan in Cambridge MA

Kichari Kirtan singing group
Kichari Kirtan singing group

Geetha Patil

CAMBRIDGE: Kitchari Kirtan (KK), Cambridge, MA organized its second monthly Sankirtan meet on Friday, October 13, 2023 .. The Sankirtan singing was dedicated to the Supreme Lord to bring peace for the planet and our hearts.

The program started with the ‘meet and greet’ episode. A hall full members and special invitees rejoiced the event in the majesty of the divine names. Hosts of the event always encourage new members to take advantage of this opportunity to give themselves to this healing gift.

The Sankirtan started with the house band of accompanying musicians singing Lord Ganesh Bhajan by Tamal and Shakti. Then the microphone was passed to the special Kirtan wallahs who were featured as the singers of the month lead the group with their melodious Bhajans and chanting of Beej Mantras that made the devotees to open up their hearts and letting their souls reach out to the divine.

Kichari Kirtan AudiencesKitchari Kirtan’s Sankirtanis an offering inspired by a group of musicians and friends who attain delight in raising their voices together in singing the sacred names. The Sanskrit alphabets and Mantras have a strong energetic and vibrational component—it is said that when chanted, create a powerful vibration in the body, affecting a person’s mind and spirit.

The enthusiasm of this group is displayed not only musically and in their practice of chanting but also in developing relationships that mutually enhance each of their most important missions, dreams, and aims in life. Chanting promotes and deepens a feeling of connection to our inner self, with the divine and those around us. A powerful sense of oneness occurs during the process of singing together, a feeling of belongingness that we have lost in our busy lives.

Singers sang melodious Bhajans and chanted Mantras while playing Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, and Guitar. Chanting in a group along with symphonic music brought people together, allowed the energy of the whole room to be transported to another level, and created a resonance in and around the head.

Chanting the holy names collectively means coming together and spreading the message of togetherness. Gratitude has been our natural response to the grace of this community and we hope to deepen our reservoir of this precious quality with all around us – said Tamal and Shakti.