L.A. to recycle 100 percent of wastewater

India Post News Service

LOS ANGELES: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced that L.A. will recycle 100% of wastewater by 2035 by making a major investment in the Hyperion Water Treatment Plant. He also said LADWP will not repower three coastal natural-gas power plants “accelerating our transition to 100% renewable energy and putting us on track to meet our carbon-neutral target of 2050.”

He said, “These are major steps in our progress toward a greener future. Since I took office, I’ve made it a priority to pursue one of the world’s most aggressive sustainability agendas — helping L.A. to be named the #1 Solar City in America, as well as the City with the most energy-efficient buildings, all while reducing water usage by double digits. LADWP has already reduced greenhouse gas emissions to 47% below our 1990 level — surpassing the state’s 2030 target a full 14 years ahead of the deadline.

“Sustainability is about more than how we respond to a dry year or an energy challenge — it shapes how we build our City today and for generations to come,” he added.