Lohri celebrated with fanfare at Hari Om Mandir

Lohri celebrations in full swing
Lohri celebrations in full swing

CHICAGO: This year also Lohri was celebrated with great fanfare at Hari Om Mandir in Medinah, on Friday, January 13. Despite the cold weather a large number of devotees celebrated the day with traditional food of Saag (mustard greens), Makki Ki Roti (corn), Lassi (buttermilk), followed by a vibrant cultural evening of Gidda, Bhangra, Jago and Punjabi folk songs culminating in a lively night of blazing bonfire.

The Mandir was beautifully decorated on the traditional theme of a Punjabi village. One of the highlights was newlywed bride and groom sitting by the Lohri Fire, enjoying the treats of the season like moongphali, popcorn, rewari, bhugga etc. with the hukka, charkha, chullah, the village well with the costumes like kurtis, jackets and pagris hanging in the backdrop.

As part of the celebrations, ladies dressed in colorful Phulkaris and Punjabi suits, performed Giddha. The guys were not behind either, doing Bhangra. Several ladies from the congregation joined the two young brides – Amrit Salwan and Nirvka Sharma – who led the Jago team carrying special Pot (Gaggar) with lighted lamps/candles

Satpal Salwan, Chairman Board of Trustees and Vipan Wadhera, President Executive Board, greeted everybody on this auspicious occasion and congratulated all the new born babies, newlyweds on the First Lohri occasion. Ayodhya Salwan started off with the traditional Lohri song “Sunder Mundriye” and also sang the “Badhai Geet” for one & all.

Vipan Wadhera thanked everyone for their generous donations and participation – almost 1000 people who attended the function.

Under the guidance of Pandit Dinesh Kumar, the Lohri bonfire was lighted with all the Board Members joining hands around the fire to offer prayers, and as the ritual is, to throw chidwa, moongphali, popcorn, rewari etc into the flames to seek abundance and pray for prosperity from Agni Devta. Once again the Dhol Beat started and people sang and danced with joy to make merry on the cold night.

Packets of moongphali, rewari, bhugga, popcorn, dates were distributed as Prasad, which was relished by all the devotees.

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