MAFS elects new board 2020

Surendra Ullal

CHICAGO: Metropolitan Asian Family Services at its March 5, 2020 meeting, elected their new Board of Directors for 2020-2023.
The new Board of Directors are proven leaders in their respective fields and bring their rich expertise and experience to lead MAFS in the years to come. The new Board members are:
Dr. Firdaus Jafri, Mrs. Sumitra Patel, Dr. RakeshAsthana, NikunjBakshi, James Dmello, Dr. Sonal Patel and Mr. Sagar Kumar

MAFS during these challenging times is ensuring that all seniors pick up a hot meal from MAFs centers or receive a meal delivered to their homes. MAFS is offering this service to all seniors at this time and urges them to contact for more information on Toll-free # 866330862.It also has pitched them to stay safe, stay at home, maintain social distancing and frequently wash hands with soap and water.