Magic of Mojo thrilled audience

(L-R) Ratika Japra, Satish Phatak, Gajanan Bhat, Manayya Bellignur and Ritu Maheshwari
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(L-R) Syam Appala, Piyush Malik, G S Satya, Satish Phatak, Dr. Naras Bhat, Dr.Romesh Japra, Harish Goli, Gajanan Bhat, Arun Subbarao, Kris Krishnamurthy, Manayya Bellignur, Vivek and Divya

Fremont: A “pre-cognitive” thriller movie “MOJO” from the regional language of India (Kannada) – was showcased at Century At Pacific Commons and XD on August 6. The movie was screened as the only entrant from Southern India, as a “World Premiere Movie”, part of the ongoing 25th year Silver Jubilee FOGSV (Festival Of Globe) International Movie Festival, held at Fremont, CA, USA.

This is not just a proud moment for the Indian Diaspora of USA or the Kannada speaking communities, but for the entire Indian nation to have brought in such a refreshing movie to an international platform.
Produced by CA based entrepreneur Gajanan Bhat, MOJO is a refreshing murder-mystery thriller based on Sixth Sense (the ability to see future). Written and directed by Bangalore based (IT-retired and filmmaker-transformed) Sreesha Belakvaadi, MOJO is first of its kind genre (Pre-Cognitive Thriller) in the history of Kannada Film Industry.

“It is the way story and screenplay mystically connect in strange ways between the elements of murder and sixth sense, that makes MOJO so special for the film fraternity”, co-producers Satish Pathak, Manayya Bellignur and Santosh Patil said in an address. Being IT entrepreneurs from CA, co-producers Satish, Manayya and Santosh said MOJO received an outstanding reception from the audience with a standing applause as the movie reached its climax. “The audience watched the movie with awe and wonder, spellbound by the unique art and mystery MOJO carried all the way till the end”, Gajanan Bhat said.

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(L-R) Manayya Bellignur, Gajanan Bhat, Satish Phatak, Dr.Romesh Japra

MOJO being an edge-of the seat thriller, was very well planned and executed to get the best crew in industry ensuring world-class technical finesse. And true to the making, music composed by SD Arvinda (whose music is lauded well in the international circuits such as BBC World Music) was one of the stunning highlights of MOJO; the songs though were just a couple of them blended so harmoniously with the storyline and situation and added so much more vigor to the overall merit.

Background score composed by Ajaneesh Lokanath (winner of the prestigious Karnataka State Award, IIFA Award, Indian Filmfare awards) lifts the soul and mood of the movie at every juncture to hold the audience’s pulse and attention.

“The production quality is outstanding, including background score, sound effects and music. The entire movie is packed so beautifully, it will make one of the most unique thrillers of Indian cinema. Non-Kannadigas should certainly watch MOJO to see how nicely the industry is transforming”? Piyush Malik, non-Kannada speaking Entrepreneur & Strategy Executive, said.

“MOJO was simply one of the best Kannada movies, I have watched in many years. I am very happy to be part of this unique genre of movies which Kannada Film Industry has never experienced before. I will give it a Big Thumbs Up! After long time, I am watching a unique and rare breed of Kannada movie with fantastic music, acting and cinematography.

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(L-R) Ratika Japra, Satish Phatak, Gajanan Bhat, Manayya Bellignur
and Ritu Maheshwari

I would rate it 5 star,” said G S Satya, President/CEO at Autosense.
“I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and thought it is at par with some of the high-end psychological Bollywood thrillers. MOJO is a rare & gripping psychological thriller not seen recently from Indian Diaspora,” said Syam Appala, another non-Kannada speaking accomplished entrepreneur and a senior technology executive.

“One of its kind Kannada cinema made for intellectuals, and I would say it is a great movie with flawless & exciting story-line from beginning to end ? that puts your brain-power to work. A must see thriller with top quality music & songs. I will give this movie a 5 star rating,” said Arun Subbarao, Silicon Valley Executive and Vice President, Engineering & Technology at Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.

Ritu Maheshwari
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