“Mere Paas Tum Ho” makes you believe a man can be so good!

Pakistani TV drama serial, “Mere Pass Tum Ho

A.Q. Siddiqui

If social media reports are to believe, Pakistani TV drama serial, “Mere Pass Tum Ho” has attracted Indian viewers on YouTube on a large scale. The ARY serial drama that started a few months back and ending this week has maintained a steady grip on viewers. It is surprising how the producer and director have managed a script on the subject of the extramarital affair or vivid illicit relations of a married woman for viewers of not so liberal society.

After a long time, one aesthetic taste is grasped by sharp and catchy dialogues. “A man is always half unfaithful, but when a woman is unfaithful, she remains entirely. Remember old literary sage, Shakespeare’s quote, “Frailty thy name is a woman”. This drama serial is all about it.

While the drama is taking woman character to a very loath full low level, it is glorifying a man’s role to the unbelievable altar. And that is the line where drama gets far from reality. Of course, by nature, “Frailty thy name is a woman”, but there are always factors in married life that lead a married woman on the path of extramarital affair or adultery. Husband mostly generates these factors towards his wife in married life. And only these factors as created by a man for his woman makes her unfaithful.

A married woman is never unfaithful for a choice if her man is caring and loving. And for this reality, the drama script is failing. Because here the husband is so caring and friendly, a wife has no room to be unfaithful. The wife is not satisfied as her husband is a simpleton, refusing bribe in his job and depriving her of worldly possessions. Only this reason will never make a woman frail to be unfaithful. But the writer has a powerful way to make it believe so. The husband brings home a large sum of bribe, shows to his wife and next day returns the money as his conscience will not let him accept it. This action on his part is like keeping milk Infront of a cat and taking it away. Makes you feel fair enough.

But the winning factor in this drama serial actor Humayun Saeed. He plays the role of such a sweet and caring husband that any wife will feel proud to possess. He believes that he is on top of the world because his wife is with him. His belief is shattered. His expression of innocence is so vivid that you love him.

The dialogues are quoted in social media. “Is 2 take ki aurat ke liye” was viral all-over the social media. Many scenes and conversations are so catching that you would not want to miss any episode. In a scene when Saeed has to divorce his wife, and she goes to pick some stuff in the bedroom, he reminds her that she cannot enter his bedroom.

The big debate this serial is raising, shall a man forgive his unfaithful wife if she is repenting? When reminded by friends that God forgives and likes those who forgive, Humayun Saeed reminds his friend that God has also kept a ruling for Himself. He will not forgive those who will associate partners unto Him.

Ayza Khan, the beautiful actress as an adulterous married woman, might have incurred thousands of curses from women viewers, but she is simply convincing in her character. She is lovely and mesmerizing when she attracts Adnan Siddiqui. But veteran actor Adnan Siddiqui is not so convincing in his role.

Or he is overshadowed by the powerful presence of Saeed. And above all is child actor The ARY digital serial drama has not ended yet and the last episode will be released this week. The writer has been quoted as saying that men with weaker hearts shall not watch the last episode.

There are also reports that Saeed will screen the last episode in theatres. Watch this drama on YouTube if have a taste for literature. All episodes make you feel like reading a novel.

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