Miracles from “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer”

Dr. Clint G. Rogers with Dr. Naram
Dr. Clint G. Rogers with Dr. Naram

Michelle Curry

Raleigh, NC: The launch of the book, “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer: A Western Skeptic, an Eastern Master, and Life’s Greatest Secrets,” written by Dr. Clint G. Rogers has become a global event with hundreds of volunteers from around the world assisting the launch of this book about Dr. Naram in their countries and languages, earning the nickname “Miracle Dream Team.’’

Those who are involved in spreading this message are seeing miracles happening, on physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Dr Vanda Rumpel of Romania & the book
Dr Vanda Rumpel of Romania & the book

Jennie Smallenbroek (from the Netherlands) felt inspired that this book needed to be translated into many languages. She immediately contacted Dr. Rogers and volunteered to head the project. Within two weeks people from all over the world joined with her, working to translate the book now into 30 languages. Those serving report miracles happening in their own lives. Jennie, for example, says through learning and applying the Ancient Secrets in the book she lost more than 6 kgs, the joint pain in her hands reduced by 80%, and miracles happened in her family and with her finances too. Perhaps her favorite miracle is the sweet satisfaction of working with people who are so loving and full of gratitude.

Vanda Rumpel (from Romania) and Christel Christina C. Langeveld (from Switzerland) both wanted the book, “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer” to be translated into their languages. When asked why she decided to help on the book launch team, Vanda said something inside guided her that it was like a call she just had to answer because she was supposed to be here, at this time, at this moment. As a result, she has learned to appreciate even the tiny little things in life, to see the guidance from God or the Universe, and learn how to receive with an open heart rather than fear. Similarly, Christel says that the greatest improvement in her life is granting herself permission to live as the person she truly is without limit and fear. Christel says the most powerful and important reason why people should read this book isn’t just for the herbs, diet ideas, and marmaa points, but that it is like the secret key teaching the reader how to have an open heart and to live in that authenticity.

Jonathan Deliz, from Oklahoma, said he had been praying and meditating for a higher purpose to serve where his various talents could help impact many, many lives. From the first call, he was inspired that everyone was encouraged to lead with love, and started to do so more in his own life. When he saw a need to create a journal to go along with the experience of the calls, he offered to help and created one. As each impulse of love led him further, he ended up being instrumental in creating much of the website and Free Community membership area for the book (MyAncientSecrets.com). Jonathan said that by being given the trust and capacity to serve in the Miracle Dream Team, he found purpose he’d been searching for.

Carol Ray, from Texas, had just retired from a long career in project management and was about to buy a motorhome and drive away. After seeing Dr. Clint’s TEDx Talk, she felt called to participate. Inspired by how this had nothing to do with any particular religion, but everything to do with love, Carol is leading several of the groups, including one with Ann Wilkinson and Elio Danille. Ann says now her pain in her knees disappeared, she is full of energy to keep up with her grandkids, her skin looks great, and she feels like she is 28 (even though she is almost 60). Elio, bursting with joy, shares about how he lost weight, decreased his medication by 90%, and reconnected with his son after 10 years.

These are only a few very short stories of the hundreds of talented people from all over the world that have served so beautifully to launch this book. In the Facebook groups, the Miracle Dream Team share posts from miracles unfolding daily in their lives. Whether it’s losing weight, the way the birds are singing and animals visiting, or incredible stories of healing from diseases, you can feel so much love flowing even during a pandemic. As a result of the overflow of miracles, Dr. Rogers started a “30-day Miracle Experiment Game” that anyone can play for you to see more miracles happen in your life too, by applying simple principles contained in the book, “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer.” To learn more, please visit MyAncientSecrets.com.

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