Navraaz completes 60-mile walk

Susan G Komen

Surendra Ullal

CHICAGO: Susan G Komen is a not-for-profit organization that has spent over USD 1 billion in research to end breast cancer, hosting a 60-mile walk over last weeks Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Participants walked 20-mile each day and raised $3.7 million. Participants either have gone thru breast cancer or have someone they know who has suffered with breast cancer. Navraaz Kaur Basati dedicated it to Bhai Mohinder Singh’s mother, Bebe Nihal Kaur, who was very close to the family.

Navraaz had blisters on her feet second day and some people had burst veins in legs, that turned their legs blue, but they completed the walk. There were people of all ages from toddlers to the elderly including a 90-year old who lost his wife last year to breast cancer.

Numerous people donated funds. A perso out for his walk, started talking to the participants. Once he found out of the cause, he immediately donated $40,000. There are people who misuse donated money, but majority of it goes to good causes. These volunteer organizations are doing so much to make us proud.

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