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indiapost1-webSAN FRANCISCO: Finding life partners in the South Asian community these days is hard. For parents, we want our kids to find someone that is nice and that will take care of our children, but also someone that hasn’t lost touch with cultural values. However, children, especially in America still want to have some control over who they see and who they marry.

Dus, the newest South Asian singles app that has hit the iPhone App Store market has set out bridge the gap between what parents want for their children and what children want in a serious relationship.

We had a chance to review the app and we have to say it’s absolutely stunning. I had a chance to catch up with Shawn Sheikh, the app’s Founder & CEO, and he said: “We didn’t want to just build another Tinder,, or, we wanted to really focus on the pain points for dating, and help foster serious relationships. Women also have an especially hard time with singles apps, especially in our community so we set out to change that. We also wanted to be mindful of religion, cultural and South Asian society, especially when it comes to privacy”.

What Shawn has set out to do is definitely a not an easy task, but they’ve executed it brilliantly. The way Dus works is: everyday at 12:00PM they feed users 10 potential matches of which they can like or dislike.

These potential matches are fed based on religious, cultural, location, and other personal factors. If two users mutually match then they get sent to a private chat that is only open for 10 days. In the chat they can play structured games to break the ice. The app also features a hidden mode that hides users from their friends and family, which is one of my favorite features in the app.

The app has been out for a couple of months now and is growing quickly. With more players entering the market it’ll be very interesting to see how parents and children react. Hopefully apps like Dus can help foster stronger relationships and can really help South Asian singles find life partners in a more tasteful way.

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