New Year bash raises funds for cyclone victims

NewYearBashCHICAGO: With Charitable mission as its central focus to help the victims ravaged by Hudhud cyclone in Andhra Pradesh, a breathtaking New Year 2015 Bash was held with an eclectic display of music, singing and dance performances augmented by a lavish spread of food as overflowing guests gathered in the Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel in Lisle on December 31.

The joyful mood was so widespread and engulfing that the event lasted till the wee hours of the New Year day.
This grand New Year gala added a glamour quotient with the presence of the Bollywood/Tollywood star power led by glamorous actresses Madhu Shalini, Richa Panai celebrity Anchor Pradeep Machiraju joined by popular playback singers Ranina Reddy and Prudhvi Chandra enhanced by a string of exciting Bollywood dances.

This large bash was hosted under the aegis of CDM & HR Group, Nature Resource directed by Chandini Davuluri of Events Unlimited.

Dr Ram Gajjela, a community activist and a prominent health-care industry figure, was the principal host. Outlining the primary objective, in his opening remarks he said that the New Year event was hosted with the purpose of raising funds for the victims of Hudhud Cyclone that ravaged the coastal region of Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh state in October 2014.

Substantiating his remarks with audio/visual presentation, Dr. Gajjela made an impassioned plea with the spotlight on the loss of life and damage caused by this high-intensity cyclone in Andhra Pradesh.

He also took the opportunity to throw spotlight on the other tragic incidents and urged the families to pause for a moment in silent prayer to pay homage for the victims of various tragedies around the globe with a pronounced focus on the victims of Hudhud cyclone. Dr. Gajjela announced that a sum of $ 10,000 would be donated in the first place and intensive efforts are underway to mobilize more funds to support the victims.

Some of the notable community figures who supported and/or participated in this gala event include FIA President Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, IADO President Dr Ashish Sen, TAGC past-presidents Kalyan Anandula Reddy, Sundar Dittakavi, Srinivas Pedamallu, current president, Jagan Bukkaraju, ATA Founder Hanumanth Reddy, TTA President Jagdish Kanuri, CTA President Murthy Koppaka, Srinivas Boppana CTA Board of Director and other community figures Raja Krishnamurthy, Jitender Diganker, Vir Doshi and Jawahar Police.

This New Year bash was ably supported by Federation of Indian Associations, Indo American Democratic Organization [IADO], Telugu Association of Greater Chicago [TAGC], and Chicago Telugu Association [CTA] among other community organizations. The celebrations continued into the night with dancing by couples and children which continued to a high-decibel music ushering in the New Year.

Surendra Ullal