Nisha Sharma endorsed to contest Congressional Distt. 11 in California

3 - Nisha Sharma for Congress has been officially endorsed by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy!
7-Nisha4Congress supports Women Empowerment
Nisha4Congress supports Women Empowerment

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Danville, CA: Nisha Sharma, a woman of value, mother of 3 wonderful kids, and a community servant for decades, is a new hope for many! A self-made Indian American businesswoman, Nisha, strongly believes in the core family values and as a proud American, has pledged to serve the community! Sharma is a realtor in the East Bay, and serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of one the largest socio-religious organizations in the Bay Area, the Fremont Dharma Samaj, which brings 100,000 people a year together through different community programs.
She also serves as the Women Empowerment Chairwoman for the Festival of the Globe and has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business from “Punjab University” of India.

Coming from an Indian American heritage, what matters the most to her is being grateful, and she recognizes, how this great nation of America, has given her ample opportunities making her American dream a reality. Now, she wants to give it back by fearlessly serving her District and defending to the death the rights, security, and freedom of all Americans!

She is also committed to play that strategic role of being the bridge between the US and India and to bring the best of the job creation for her district and help small businesses thrive and contribute to the economy of this great country.

Nisha Sharma for Congressional District -11
Nisha Sharma for Congressional District -11

It’s her commitment to her people that California and America will never fall to the violent left fanaticism as long as she lives and serves. Her clear focus is to bring stability, safety, employment and business development for her district and give a quality life to every single citizen. She stands with the men & women in uniform, for constitutional rights, lower taxes, hard work, equality, and above all a merit-based system for people. Her fight against is against corruption and she would hold people in positions accountable and responsible for her district.

She believes that the current leadership of CA District 11 has completely failed to address the homelessness crisis. Her heart breaks to see people sleep and die on
our streets, no holistic approach has been taken to rehabilitating the homeless population through mental health and drug treatment, job training, and transitional housing.

Our economy is the strongest, it has been in generations, but despite this, our taxes and fees are being increased by our representatives under the guise of fixing our crumbling infrastructure.
Even with historically large infrastructure budgets, traffic is getting worse, BART is outdated and lawless.

Public education is failing at even its most fundamental task of teaching our next generation basic skills, such as reading, writing, and math. She would make sure to fix these basic amenities, which we all deserve, living in this great country working hard every day.

Supporters rally for Nisha Sharma's Congressional candidature
Supporters rally for Nisha Sharma’s Congressional candidature

Nisha Sharma for Congress has been officially endorsed by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy!

Quality education is the best solution to solving most of society’s problems before they start and is essential to giving future generations the competitive advantage they need to compete and win in an international economy. Providing quality education to our youth is her top priority. If elected as the Representative of California’s 11th Congressional District, Sharma will take her passion for helping others to Washington D.C. and fight for what is best for all of her constituents.

Time has come to work together and throw a curveball at the failed incumbent leaders and career politicians, who have failed us for ages and worked only for their pet projects, sitting far away from ground realities in their district! But no more, with the right leadership people of District 11, would never have their businesses shut down, safety threatened or locality hijacked by criminal mobs and riots! A real Women empowerment where the only thing matters is “America First” and “People First”.

It’s her this zeal that is taking her to every nook and corner of District CA 11 to help the people during COVID, be it food distribution or otherwise. A huge group of people have rallied behind her to bring support to the community, those who are in need!

Whatever is the crisis, Nisha is right there among her people, for anything and everything that they need. There is a reason why she has thousands backing her and supporting her to the hilt, as they believe finally there is a real representation of womanpower, which is not here for the vested interest but with the sole goal to serve this community and this great Nation.

Nisha4Congress supports holistic solutions and uplift the community
Nisha4Congress supports holistic solutions and uplift the community

Yes, the community of CA District 11 believes that she is their defender and is their voice who would never surrender to tyrants, socialism, favoritism and closing the economy and Finally the time has come to bring in the change in CA -11 and make it prosper again, with the
Right and strong leadership of Nisha Sharma!

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