Ocean of people enjoy FIA and Fremont Temple Holi

(L-R) Dr. Romesh japra, Vijaya Assuri, Rajesh Verma, Manorama Joshi, Deepak Chhabra,  Milpitas Mayor Esteves, Chandu Bhambhra and Ritu Maheshwari
(L-R) Dr. Romesh japra, Vijaya Assuri, Rajesh Verma, Manorama Joshi, Deepak Chhabra,
Milpitas Mayor Esteves, Chandu Bhambhra and Ritu Maheshwari

MILPITAS: Federation of Indo-Americans (FIA) of Northern California and Fremont Hindu Temple celebrated their 38th Holi festival on a grand scale. Building on previous successes and huge response, this year’s “Festival of Colors” was celebrated on Saturday March 7 at Cardoza Park, Milpitas. New Holi location was selected to provide plenty of parking and other amenities for participants. In keeping with yearly tradition, the admission to the event was free.

There was tremendous response to the Holi event. It seemed as if an ocean of people had congregated to celebrate Holi. Over ten thousand people enjoyed with great enthusiasm. In order to reduce pollution, skin irritations and make the festival environment friendly, Holi featured biodegradable and skin-friendly colors. People enjoyed music and DJ so much that they were requesting for music even after the event closing time.

Dr Romesh Japra, President and Convener (FIA) said, “FIA Holi has over the years played an important3 role in keeping our culture alive and inculcating pious values in our youngsters.

With new and bigger location, Holi was so much more enjoyable experience for the families and friends. I am so glad to see young children playing Holi and coming to know more about it. When they participate they remember it for the lifetime.”

Holi is a great festive occasion to celebrate and wish each other and get inundated with a rainbow of colors. It was difficult to recognize faces as they were all covered in multitude of colors. The entire gathering morphed into a huge family with people applying color to each other and making friends. It was also an opportune time to renew and make new friendships. People from all over California came to participate in the festivities. Many dignitaries and community leaders participated in Holi.

Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves said, “We are really proud and grateful that Holi festival has come to Milpitas. After all Milpitas is city of diversity and we want people from all the ethnicities to join in.”
Holi is celebration of goodness triumphing over evil, and the festival is a celebration of love, truth, faith and being a good person. There is a mystic story behind it. There was a king Hrinakashyap who was a demon. He wanted everyone to believe he is God and there is no other out there. His son Prahlad however turned out religious and spiritual and believing in God and not his father.

6The emperor’s sister Holika had this gift that if she got into fire she would not burn. He ordered Holika to take his son into the fire, but she got burned and the son got saved. The truth always survives anything and goodness and good virtues like the son come out as the winner. That is why Holika Dahan (bonfire) is done on evening prior to the color Holi. Color of fire and other bright hues are thrown in celebration on color Holi.

Divya Chugh, a San Jose resident, shared on Facebook: “That was the best Holi experience ever in US. Thank you so much for organizing all the fun food and colors. Yes we have been to Stanford too so many times but nothing beats today’s Holi and the best part was awesome song collection by DJ. Loved it.”

FIA has upcoming event ‘Festival of Globe’ to be held from August 8 to August 16. All ethnic communities will join. It will include Mela, Cultural and Musical Extravaganza in Fremont on August 15 and 16, Grand Parade in Fremont on August 16, FOG/SF Global Movie Fest at various theaters in San Jose during August 7-16 and FOG awards on August 15 at SAP Center, CA.

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