OFBJP hosts Rajasthan BJP chief Parnami

Ashok Parnami with his family and Naren Baxi
Ashok Parnami with his family and Naren Baxi

FREMONT, CA: On Saturday May 3, Bay Area Indian community led by Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) hosted Ashok Parnami at Arka Restaurant in Fremont. He is a past Mayor of Jaipur, member of Jaipur Development Authority. He has held various party positions in BJP and is the current President of BJP, Rajasthan.

Naren Baxi, Bay Area entrepreneur and one of the founder members of TiE, introduced Parnami. He narrated his experience working with Parnami in starting a TiE chapter in Jaipur.

Fremont and Jaipur are sister cities. Parnami had visited Fremont in 2005 as a representative of sister-city of Jaipur. He was impressed with the cleanliness and water supply and treatment here in the US. He implemented water recycling for irrigation and street pavement / sidewalk construction, which earned him 7th spot in world mayor’s competition ahead of Bangalore, which came in at 9th spot.

He spoke on the current status of national elections. He highlighted the low points of current Congress led UPA government, which had put UPA on back foot. Congress, while ruling India had not been able to control Inflation, corruption. Youth felt discontent, people felt insecure, there was unabated terrorist activity and lack of conviction in securing borders.

People saw a ray of light in Narendra Modi after seeing his extraordinary work done in Gujarat. He dismissed the allegation of opposition that Modi wave was a media hype! Media hype can only take you so far, but can’t give you three straight solid victories in a row.

He narrated a story of visit by big businessmen to Rajasthan during Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, when Narendra Modi stole the show with his speech of vision and action. Even Ratan Tata, who never speaks on politics or favored any politician, indicated that India needed strong leadership and only Narendra Modi can provide this.

The major difference between past elections and current election is that people have decided to vote for Modi as Prime Minister and not MPs, who in turn select Prime Minister. He narrated a story of his judge friend’s father, who could not find his name in the voter list and bugged his son till his name was included, just so that he can vote for Modi.

On personal note, he was also very grateful to RSS for helping his family migrate to India during partition. Since then, he has been active in RSS. He was accompanied by his wife, his daughter and son-in-law who live in Bay Area.

The meeting ended with a Vote of Thanks by Chandru Bhambhra, coordinator of the event.

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