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The OFBJP-USA Maharashtra Committee volunteers in Irvine, under the leadership of Shri. Adappa Prasad, President of OFBJP-USA, Shri Vasudeo Patel, Org Secretory of OFBJP-USA, and PK Nayak OFBJP LA Chapter, organized the Modi Parivar event in Shrinath ji Ki Haveli Temple in Irvine, California, under the LA chapter.

OFBJPThis event was held on 1st May, which is celebrated as Maharashtra Day. More than 85 Marathi-speaking people came together to show their support. The stage was ready with the US and India flags and a huge Bhagwa flag in the background. People joined with many Indian flags.

The program started with Chai Pe Charcha, where people were encouraged to discuss their opinions about the best achievements of the Modi Government. These discussions were intense, and few volunteers showed interest in sharing thoughts with the group. All volunteers were pleasantly surprised when each one received BJP scarves and Modi ji’s face mask. With those masks, the crowd went wild and started chanting “Modi Modi Modi.”

OFBJPAll women in Indian attire came together with the Indian tricolor and started chanting, “Ab ki baar 400 Paar, baar baar 400 paar”, meaning, this time and again in the future, the Modi government will win more than two-third majority.

With youthful energy in the hall, all the men came together and voiced their slogans in high volume … there was no need for any loudspeakers. The whole environment was enchanted and filled with Modi pride. At this time, Vijay Telkikar, a long-time, well-known leader and volunteer in California, asked all women to take the stage with Modi masks.

All women wore Modi masks and Chanted “Amhi Marathi – Modi cha Parivar,” meaning all people in Maharashtra are Modi’s family. Then, all men joined the stage and, for the next 15 minutes, slogans were chanted, and it felt as if the whole crowd was in Maharashtra and, all set to vote soon after the event.

OFBJPAfter this, the Organizers asked participants to take seats on stage, and volunteers started sharing their thoughts. It was a beautiful scene where the volunteers were on stage, and speakers were addressing them from the ground. Sheela Kene ji, VHP leader, addressed and elaborated on how Modi Government empowers women.

Shri Chaitanya Erande talked about various infrastructural projects and their impact. Shri Amit Awati shared Narendra Modi ji’s work ethic and how he gathers all the feedback from the ground level. Ramani Bhai, BAPS devotee and well-known social worker in SoCal explained why Modi ji matters and how Modi ji executed the Supreme Court order and built Ram Mandir. He also shared his experience with the Ram Mandir opening ceremony.

Vijay Telkikar ji talked about Swachh Bharat and how Ramji bhai played a key role in giving this idea to Narendra Modi. Lata Damle and Manasi Bhagwat quickly went over Modi ‘s achievements in a very poetic manner.


Manohar Vajramushti could not hold himself back and discussed India’s improved security and image in global politics. Shri Pravin Datar Quickly went over the improved security and how NRIs are proud of India’s global Image. Pallavi Tadwalkar reviewed Modi ji Women Importnet and UPI payment implementation by Modi Sarkar. She was very vocal and admired the event planning and execution.

Finally, Neeaj Kashalakar, OFBJP-USA Maharashtra Convenor and volunteer, addressed Modi lovers. He said, “People question, why are you gathering here in the US for India elections, what is the use of that – I would say this to them – we are sending loads of positive energy from here to India. Modi ji needs a lot of support and India really does not have any other option to lead the country effectively. At the end he thanked OFBJP leadership Shri Vijay Chautaiwale, Shri Gaurav Patwardhan, Shri Adappa Prasad, and Shri Vasudeo Patel for inspiration and guidance.”

OFBJP Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale is In-Charge of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Bhartiya Janta Party, India, and leads OFBJP activities in several countries. Shri Gaurav Patwardhan is In-Charge of Foreign Affairs Department, BJP Maharashtra and connects with Global Maharashtrian diaspora. Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale’s vision is to bring more followers together by hosting small, focused events worldwide, which will help spread the Modi Government’s development projects and achievements and further demonstrate how development can help humanity and world peace.

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