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ofbjp-amethi-big-group-g-2017-webFREMONT, CA: OFBJP North California Leadership and Community Members met to discuss the upcoming Amethi elections in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP has declared Rani Garima Singh as its Amethi candidate from the eponymous district. Community members were excited about the potential mobilization on the ground in Amethi and how this has fundamentally shifted the political equation in one of the most important constituencies in one of the most important state of India.

The fight in Amethi is first about justice and honor; politics and votes come later. This election is about the development of Amethi. People want basic amenities – electricity, water, security – and development, both social and economic. This will be the core of the election campaign. We are going to work from within the government when elected to bring these to every man, woman, and child living in Amethi.

The attendees committed to making a difference by mobilizing voter both through social media efforts and phone calls to voters in Amethi district. In the spirit of this objective some of the local community members will be visiting Amethi to assist with the intense voter mobilization needed to obtain a historic win for Rani Garima Singh and the ideals for which she has set out to run for the coveted Amethi constituency.

Rani Garima Singh and others believe that the constituency has been left behind and the people have suffered under the past elected Member of Parliament. It is time for a historic change and a new leader to represent the people of Amethi.

Chandru Bhambhra welcomed community leaders and OFBJP volunteers. He said that the Chai Pe Charcha meeting was called to celebrate the Nomination of Rani Garima Singh for Amethi constituency of Uttar Pradesh, India, who happens to be the mother of one of our local volunteers, Rajkumari Mahima Singh.

He added that we all should join hands to help Rani Garima Singh in whatever way, so that she comes out victorious with large majority, that way making a big dent in this historical Congress bastion! BJP’s win in Amethi will start a new era of BJP in UP. He asked all community leaders to give their suggestions, one by one, for this noble cause.

Bhrigu Raj Singh Jhabua said that there was no development in Amethi in last 60+ years. Congress and SP didn’t do any development work while representing this constituency. He said Amethi seat was very prestigious for BJP. He requested all to actively participate in campaigning.

Mahesh Pakala, a well know community leader, who successfully managed the Ro Khanna election campaign, also promised to do the same for Rani Garimaji.

Ashok Bhatt said that we all should make Amethi as The BJP fort. He added that Rani Garima Singh was a very simple and clean candidate. He said, Rani Garima Singh’s win will be a stepping stone for BJP future in UP.

Vijay Simha, Jt. Gen. Sec. of HSS(USA) said that if we all work hard to bring BJP to power in UP, BJP can do lot of developmental work as PM Modi ji did in last 2 years.

Sanjay Tripathi Gen. Sec. HSS (Sambhag), suggested all to go to Amethi for campaigning if possible, it will be a phenomenal experience.

Council Member Rishi Kumar said amongst all Indian political parties, BJP was the one he liked. He said we need to take care of people’s needs and was confident that Garima Singh and BJP will be able to do so.

Khanderao Kand, Founder of GITPRO and HSS National Karyakarini Sadasaya, said BJP has majority in Lok Sabha but not in Rajya Sabha and hence BJP couldn’t pass certain ordinance bills. Hence winning this large UP State is very crucial for BJP to gain more Rajya Sabha seats

Krishna Kumar Pandey Ji, founder of Shiv Durga Temple in Sunnyvale, said we should be proud of our Hindu heritage. He said we should be thinking of BJP re-election until 2030 not only till 2019!
Deepak Chhabra, Gen, Sec. of Fremont Temple and FOGSV also promised to support via Social media.

Yogi Chugh, very well known community leader and FOGSV Spokesperson said the critical nature of the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh and Amethi in particular requires an unprecedented mobilization of the voters. The Bay Area volunteers recognize that turning out the vote will make a huge difference for a potential BJP win and are committed to doing their part in this mobilization.

Ankur Jain an IT Professional representing Isha Foundation also promised to help in Social Media marketing. Siddhartha Bhavsar, one of our volunteers, also promised to help with social media campaign. Another volunteer, Shivu Vibhuti gave some numbers from last election and said will actively participate in phone banking.

Lalji Goswami, Shivu Vibhuti, Prabhu Patil, Gaurav Patwardhan, Raghu Reddy, Mahadev K., Amruth Murthy, Sunil Ganu, Dinesh Neelavar, Raghavendran N., S.T. Rajan were amongst the OFBJP volunteers present.

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