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BSC member taking a Flu Shot
BSC member taking a Flu Shot

Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: Rana-Reagan Pharmacy sponsored a health fair for Bharitya Senior Citizens of Chicago members at their location Rana-Reagan Community Center in Carol Stream.

They provided services such as medical counseling, COVID testing, and flu shots. BSCC has more than 1700 members, but due to COVID they kept this fair limited for their first 200 patients. The health fair happened Saturday, September 26, 2020

‘Physicians To You Home Health’ provided medical counseling services. This group brought a total of 6 members and 2 doctors to educate members of BSCC regarding their general health and precautions to take during the pandemic. Optima Lab owned by Rehan Akhter brought his team of experts to collect samples for COVID testing.

The Perspective Behavioral and Pain Solutions Inc. owned by. Randy Arrojo & Mark Delizo sent their team of 3 people to administer flu shots. 

Rana- Reagan pharmacy will be opening soon in October in Bloomingdale at 398 W Army Trail Rd Suite 120.  The owner of the pharmacy, Ms. Bhavna Modi, always has come forward to help Bhartiya Senior Citizens in many different ways. Co-owner of the pharmacy Ms. Jigna Gandhi is known for her expertise in pharmacy administration and marketing. 

The committee members have made sure that the facility was sanitized before the health fair, along with ensuring that CDC guidelines are followed. Rana-Reagan pharmacy provided all the medical services to BSC members and also provided lunch and dinner to their members, with safety guidelines. The special onsite catering was done by Jigar’s Kitchen. The food was enjoyed thoroughly by all the members of BSC. 

All participants with their needs during this pandemic were taken care of. Although, pharmacy is mainly serving BSC members, it’s not limited to members alone. The Pharmacy will provide all services and benefits to those who come to pharmacy and will be accepting all the insurances and non-insured patients.

The Rana-Reagan Pharmacy will offer free home deliveries to all patients.

The onsite catering was provided by Jigar’s Kitchen. Owner Jigar Parikh and his team.
The onsite catering was provided by Jigar’s Kitchen. Owner Jigar Parikh and his team.

BSC has always held a health fair in the past to administer flu shots. But due to COVID-19, BSC decided to include testing for the virus in this year’s health fair.

The Rana -Reagan pharmacy’s dedicated volunteer team -Sonali Gandhi, Neelam Desai, Sheila Gupta, Sejal Kadakia, Sonal Modi, Hemi Patel, Pooja Patel, Chandani Patel, Shruti Patel, Rina Patel- rendered excellent support