Republican hopeful woos Indian Americans

Republican Presidential hopeful TedB Cruz  with Shalli Kumar
Republican Presidential hopeful TedB Cruz
with Shalli Kumar

CHICAGO: Delegates representing the National Indian American Public Policy Institute (NIAPPI) joined the DuPage County chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) in hosting a reception for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Monday, May 13 at Oak Brook Marriott Hotel.

The ambitious son of a Cuban father, who had fled Castro’s communism with just $100 stitched into his underwear, Cruz received a rousing reception as presidential hopeful. The Senator briefly addressed the group of about 50 and thanked the roomful of Indian and Hispanic Republicans numbering over 600. Shalabh (Shalli) Kumar, who led the NIAPPI delegation, also addressed the assembly and underlined the unique Indian American demographics and the growing importance of their vote.

Kumar emphasized his organization’s commitment to individual liberty, self-reliance, fiscal discipline, free enterprise, and strong national defense. Dabbling on a strategy to win over the one million Indian American voters to the Republican cause over the next decade, he observed that only 750K actually vote, with 70% of their vote going to Democrats.

Kumar underlined the need for a full scale national program from the Republican Party to induce at least 500K Indian American voters from the Democratic ranks by 2014, and 1M by 2016. He capped his presentation by projecting Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as India’s next Prime Minister, a Reagan-in-waiting, whom Republicans might endorse and emulate to their own benefit, given his wide popularity among the US Diaspora.

Illinois RNHA Chairman Steve Orlando observed that many would endorse the NIAPPI characterization of the values, entrepreneurial spirit, and charitableness of Indian Americans. There is perhaps a pressing need for a deeper analysis of the aspirations of Indian Americans for better aligning with Hispanic and other Asian immigrants and also to the American mainstream.

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