Seven Words of Christ on the Cross

Seven Words of Christ on the Cross

Indo-American Christian children of Chicago presents 40th live enactment of Passion Play of Christ for harmony, peace and non-violence based on “Seven Words of Christ on the Cross” for all nations and its people of the world

PHOENIX, ARIZONA: The Indo-American Christian Children of Chicago and North America dramatized the universal message of Non-Violence and Hope through Seven Words of Christ on the Cross for Peace and Harmony towards all the Nations and its people through their 40th Live presentation of Passion Play of Christ “Our Children, Our Good Friday” at North Valley Baptist Church, in Phoenix, State of Arizona.

The Passion Play of Christ “Our Children, Our Good Friday” was presented in collaboration with North Valley Baptist Church, Telugu Fellowship of Phoenix, Arizona, and Indo-American Christian Children of Chicago and North America.

Rev. Josiah Matangi, Pastor of the Telugu Congregation of North Valley Baptist Church of Phoenix, Arizona performed the opening prayer.

Seven Words of Christ Mr. Bobby Maddela, Coordinator of Telugu Christian Fellowship of Phoenix, welcomed and introduced the Passion Play Team of Indo-American Christian Children of Chicago to overtwo hundred people of Church Congregation.

The Praise and Worship was conducted by several Church musical groups of the Telugu Christian Fellowships of Phoenix, Arizona.  Several dignitaries, pastors, community leaders, associations, and organizations attended the Passion Play “Our Children, Our Good Friday” live presentation.

Dr. Regi Paul, the Founder and Producer of Passion of Play of Christ “Our Children, Our Good Friday” warned the congregation that today our children live in spiritual darkness not knowing what is right and wrong, and lost family values in the present technology and artificial intelligence (Ai). He further warned the parents to protect their children from the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacting the interpretation of the Scriptures.  He urged parents and children to return to the sources of the Holy Bible and pleaded parents spend more time with their children to counter social media and the digital world.

The most spectacular highlight of the passion play presentation of “Our Children, Our Good Friday”, Dr. Paul introduced the Bible Handwriting Project. About forty-four (44) children and parents have handwritten the entire Holy Bible from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation.The purpose and mission of the Bible Handwriting Project was to implant the scriptures in the hearts and minds of young children to counter social and artificial intelligence (Ai) trends.

Senior Pastor Brent Loveless of North Valley Baptist Church of Phoenix and Pastor Bryan Gandy of World Partners blessed and released the First “Children’s Handwritten Bible”. The Children Handwritten Bible is historic and first of its kind in the Telugu Community of North America. The purpose of “Handwritten Bible Project” is to increase individual and family Bible Literacy.

The young children showed consistency, enacting and oratory skills in executed the thirteen (13) powerful moving Passion Play scenes with great dedication and conviction of their faith in Christ. Audience were spellbound and amazed to see children performed with great accuracy, creating movements and rhythms in proper time and maintaining sense of coordination and not missing even a single word in expressing most difficult long scripture lines. With their colorful costumes and clear accent children created authentic story of Christ Crucifixion that happened two thousand years ago. Many people in the audience were deeply moved during various scenes and some wept and renewed their faith in Christ. The Play produced cathartic effect and made the audience to soul search their own faith in Christ.

Seven Words of Christ The children through their faith and conviction in the teachings of Christ. The Children of Chicago performed and delivered scriptures and teachings of Christ, flawlessly with greater confidence, depth, pious, grace and displayed extraordinary and amazing dramatic skills to the jam-packed auditorium.

Dr. Paul stated that since 1998, the Passion Play of Christ has been performed in thirty-eight  (38) Cities of Americaand.enacted the true story of Christ- His public ministry, His teaching, His trial, crucifixion and Resurrection and Hope of Mankind.

Cast members include: Rohit Paul, Joshua Boodala, Noel Siony, Jonah Goneh, Rohan Kumar, Cathryn Goneh, Caleb Dodda, Isaac Devathala, Andrew Charles, Rhea Gadwala, NikoMedidi, Suzan Endluri, Abel Bhonsley, Isaac Devathala, Jovan Karri, Joyce Karri, Aaayush Darshanala, Emmanuel Muppidi, Elizabeth Siony, Chandra Medidi, Daniel Muppidi, Hannah.

Mrs. Rita Nalini Paul was the original play script writer. The play Coordinators were: Mrs. Prameela Potla, Mrs. Swapna Bhonsley, Mrs. NutanSiony, Mrs. Deevena Medidi, Mrs. Rani Goneh, Mrs. Swarna Gadwala, Mr. Joshua Gadwala. All contributed their expertise for the success of the play.

Music Director wasMs. Abigail Sharath, accompanied by Jonathan Sharath and Mr. David Sharath of State of Michigan. Sound Engineer was Pastor Jason Pace and Pastor Josiah of North Valley Baptist Church. The technical director was Mrs. Anusha Sharath.

The play was directed by Mr. Rohit Ryan Paul.

Phoenix Audience gave thundering applause with a standing ovation.  Mrs. Rita Paul, Host of Radio and Television of “Geeth Gunjan” and “Music of India” gave vote of thanks.

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