Shakespeare in Love- the story never told

Shakespeare in Love webThere is an excellent new production at the Shakespeare Theatre, at Navy Pier. The walk up to the theatre is sure to dazzle – there has been a great deal of recent renovation on the Pier, and it looks completely revitalized and modern. The theatre is intimate and homey, with excellent acoustics and great seats all around. There is a full-service bar as well as stands for coffee and souvenirs, so you don’t forget your visit!

Shakespeare in Love is an adaptation of the 1998 film of the same name. The performance included romance, drama, comedy, and the greatest love story never told. This lighthearted comedy follows famous playwright William Shakespeare as he attempts to write his most well-known work, Romeo and Juliet. It explores his own story of love, as he meets Viola, a heartthrob who wants nothing more than to act in Shakespeare’s troupe.

This was truly a great play for the entire family. Our family loved the story line and the convincing acting and dialogue; when we first walked in we loved the sense of liveliness, and we left with a sense of wonderment.

This theatre and this play are absolutely unmissable fun for the family, and would make an excellent endcap to your day at the Pier.

Lina Shah

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