Surendra Ullal

CHICAGO: Colorado Governor Jared Polis has declared the month of April as Sikh Awareness and Appreciation month recognizing Sikhs contributions in various fields of human activities through a proclamation last week.

Governor Jared Polis said that his state with this proclamation joins many other states like Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, in greeting Sikhs celebrating Baisakhi and acknowledging their contributions to the country and the society.  Gurdwaras in many cities in the USA and India have been offering free meals(Langar) to hundreds and thousands every day at no cost and this has been hugely appreciated by one and all in the society at large.


Sikh Religious Society (SRS) in Palatine, a north-side suburb of Chicago, has also been a very positive factor for the society.  Prempal Singh, a member Trustee Board, maintains that it has been busy doing various support activities within the community.

SRS  has stepped up to provide much-needed support during the COVID-19 emergency,as the leadership team has organized a team of over 70 volunteers including medical professionals operating for over a month and providing support within the communities and different organizations.

The SRS COVID-19 Response team has been active making calls to check on seniors, identifying help needed and fulfilling that with the team; Medical assistance – consultations, prescription ordering, and delivery;  Besides, it does Food and delivery services on a weekly basis; Supporting cooked food and delivery for stranded individuals/seniors; Cooking and delivering meals for 250-300 homeless every Saturday; Delivering door to door for 70 homeless in temporary housing and Replenishing local food pantry.

SRS has not forgotten the Police and other first responders and it has delivered Pizza and/or sandwiches for few local Police Departments (all shifts). Singh said, the food services are  for the people who really need it.

“ Our team is also helping Indian families stuck in Chicago due to travel restrictions with medical aid, food, and medications,” he said  

Everyone is welcome to volunteer, but it requires to  fill out the Volunteer form: can request the service of this team using the Service request form:

Those who do not have online access can call: (847) 350-9362 to get the services or better understand the program. Donations are welcome and can be done online using the PayPal link: