Sikh students host Langar at UIC

Langar at UIC by students

CHICAGO: The Sikh Students Association (SSA) at the University of Illinois in Chicago hosted a free communal meal called “Langar” on the UIC campus and served sandwiches in downtown to those in need.

Langar is typical to Sikh gurdwaras (houses of worship), allowing for anyone regardless of faith or background to visit and enjoy a free, vegetarian meal.

Students, faculty, staff and family participated and volunteered by serving food, asking questions, and learning about the purpose of Langar which emphasizes selfless service, equality, humility and compassion.

With over 250 people in attendance, participants got to break naan (bread) together and experience a vital part of the Sikh religion. Immediately following the Langar, participants served 30 sandwiches to those in need in downtown Chicago.

Many attendees were enticed at the prospect of free Indian food, but the open-mindedness and willingness to engage in dialogue about a potentially unfamiliar religion was inspiring to SSA’s mission of promoting awareness of the Sikh religion and doing community service projects within the Chicagoland area.

Thakar Basati