Sunny Moza – Comedy’s new rising star

SunnyforIndiaPostSunny Moza is no new name in entertainment. Not only does he have a huge fan following across USA, the beloved Radio Jockey has also proved himself in different art forms like modeling, acting, film-making, hosting and stand-up comedy, making him a full-on entertainment package as seen on his website In fact, his stand-up comedy has made many people sit up and notice him as a rising star in the desi comedy circuit.

Hailing from Jammu-Kashmir, Sunny holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering. Clearly there seems to be some connection between engineering colleges producing some of the best-known comedians like Don McMillan and Abeam Banatwalla.

Having performed in major cities across US – San Jose, Sacramento, Houston, Chicago, NY, as the opening act for India’s top stand-up comedians like Varun Thakur, Zakir Khan and Amit Tandon, Sunny captured audiences across the board with his easy-going and well-timed jokes.His ability to pick up mannerisms and nuances in an utterly relatable way is commendable like his hilarious parodies on Ashiqui-1 and Ashiqui-2 songs. After hearing Sunny imitate Kumar Sanu’s signature style, it actually makes us wish his version of the songs could be released!

As audiences are being exposed to various stand-up comedians and online content creators, it takes ingenuity and real wit to stand out on one’s own the way Sunny does. No doubt, after watching him perform and entertain numerous audiences, we have to say, “Mozaaagaya!”

Jasmine Kang & M.Krishna