Super 30 screened at Edison

EDISON, New Jersey: The Federation of Indian Associations (FIA-NY/NJ/CT), one of the oldest and the largest non-profit umbrella organization of the Indian diaspora in the US, organized the screening of the latest Hindi movie inspired by Anand Kumar, a mathematician and professor from Bihar, India, who was the guest of honor in 2017 for FIA’s Annual India Day Parade in New York.Super 30 screened at Edison

The role of Anand Kumar in the latest movie Super 30 was played by Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan. The movie, inspired by the story of Anand Kumar, was released in North America July 12. Super 30, the title of the movie, is based on Anand Kumar’s compilation of 30 underprivileged children from extremely poor backgrounds whom he coached through hardships to successfully ace the tough entrance exams of one of the most revered Ivy League college in India renowned all over the world, IIT or Indian Institute of Technology. IIT’ graduates are heads of many Fortune 500 companies in the US as well as prominent position holders in corporate world.

FIA has garnered a long association with the genius mathematician and teacher. Alok Kumar, president, FIA, credited Anand Kumar for his dedication and devotion to the underprivileged and mentioned that he has not just changed the future of the children for better but also of their families and of their future generations to come essentially contributing to Pro\ime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of abolishing poverty.Super 30 screened at Edison

The screening held at AMC Lowes in Edison saw a a full house attended by families of FIA and Bihar and Jharkhand Association of North America (BAJNA).
After watching the movie FIA chairman Ramesh Patel said: “The film highlights struggles of a genius mathematician and we are privileged to honor and support him in his good cause.”
Patel appealed that Anand Kumar be brought again to the India Day Parade in New york.

Vinay Singh, president of BAJNA, also applauded the film industry for highlighting and showcasing struggles of a society where much needed changes and efforts such as this one projected in the movie are needed. He also welcomed a different aspect showcased for Bihar, which is usually stereotyped with gang violence and lawlessness. The community in attendance applauded the acting and makeup of Hrithik Roshan in the movie dubbing it to be potentially award winning.
Prior to the movie’s release, FIA also organized a Super 30 publicity event at Times Square, Manhattan.