Transparency: Pardarshita documentary released

Munish Raizada Film Records Second Song

Surendra Ullal
CHICAGO: A political documentary series with6-Episode in Hindi language titled “Transparency: Pardarshita” has just been released. The series documents the sentiments of the India Against Corruption Movement (Anna Andolan) and explores the trajectory of the movement along with the backstage scenarios that led to subsequent political developments.

Directed and Produced by Dr. Munish Raizada, it highlights the issue of political funding done by the AamAadmi Party (AAP) whose genesis lies in the famous Anti-corruption Movement.
The power and appeal of a documentary is the way it alters and plays with the way in which a viewer relates to and understands the subject, and so to the appeal of songs and music.

In documentaries, we deal with the actual and in one sense with the real but the really “real”, is something deeper than that. The only reality that counts in the end is the interpretation, which is profound, and that interpretation can only be enhanced with the presence of songs which reverberate the true emotions associated with a story.

A very soulful and melodious songs bearing on the narrative of this Documentary is Bol Re Dill Bol – Singer: KailashKher, Music Composer: PraveshMallick, Lyrics: AnnuRizv. One can listen to this song here on youtube

“Bol Re DilliBol” reflects the sentiments of all those who had a vision to see the change in Indian political system through AamAadmi Party (AAP). After coming to power, AAP gradually dismantled its core principles, abandoned its idealism and slaughtered the trust of thousands of people who dreamt of a corruption-free India, says Dr.Raizada. The song is a call for every common man to speak up against injustice and fiddle promises.