Valor & devotion make Hanuman most liked deity

Chicago will soon have the distinction of being the only city in USA to have two tallest images of Hanuman ji – one at Hari Om Mandir and the second at Hanuman Mandir in Glenelyn. This is reflective of the huge reverence and devotion that a Sevak of Lord Ram evokes from members of the Indian community at large.

Lord Hanuman Ji and Pundit Anil Joshi
Lord Hanuman Ji and Pundit Anil Joshi

Hanuman Ji is revered no less fervently than Lord Ram and it is only because of his selfless devotion to his Master Lord Ram in spite of himself possessing hefty supernatural strength and power. He is revered because of super human power, valour, tremendous energy, excellent wisdom and knowledge of the scriptures and yet being hugely humble and down to earth.

He has extraordinary skills of warfare and exhibits astonishing physical strength but he does not take credit for what he has done for Lord Ram: whether searching for Ma Janaki or facing demon king Ravan as a messenger of Lord Rama or at a time when Lakshman needed help to survive. The following Shloka describes the qualities of Hanuman Ji as the repository of immense power with a body glittering like a mountain of gold.

Atulit Bal Dhamam, Hem Shayla Badheham,
Dnuj Van Krishanum, Gyany Naam Agraganyam.
Sakal Gun Nidhanam, Vanaranam Dheesham,
Raghupati Priya Bhaktam, Vatjatam Namami.

Hanuman Ji jumps across seven seas in one leap as he is the son of Pavan (‘Vayu’, the Wind God). He can fly to any of the destinations in the universe. He has no ego despite his powers. Jambuvant made him conscious of all his super natural strength. Not only that, he never misused his amazing power. As a minister and messenger of Sugreeva, Hanuman Ji persuaded him to strike friendship with Lord Ram to successfully address his problems and grievances. He succeeded in his sincere efforts.

Hanuman Ji is the symbol and the epitome of devotion, dedication, and services towards His Lord. He, as the chief of Lord Ram army of vanars, took a lead role in planning and strategising war against Ravana.
He informed Ravan that Lord Ram did not want to have war with him but wanted his wife Janaki back who was tricked in believing something that did not happen before her. Hanuman Ji offered Ravana a promise on behalf of Lord Ram that he can live without fear for years together as the King of Lanka if he accepted Lord Ram as his Lord and turn his devotee. This illustration makes it clear that a real devotee should be like Hanuman Ji who encourages other people to become the followers of his master.

According to Hanuman Ji, Dharma means to do good thing to others. Hanuman Ji tells Vibhishan that it is not enough to just chant the Lord’s name but one should also put in action (Kamara) the Lord’s work and thereby spread His vibhuti (glories) in the world. Hanuman Ji served as Vibhishan’s guru and guided him to surrender and serve Lord Ram. Hanuman Ji’s guidance gave Vibhishan greater strength in his spiritual practices and lead his spiritual life without blemish. Vibhishan starts following the right path of Dharma in the same way as pitched by Lord Ram.

Hanuman Ji demonstrated what he said to Vibhishan that a devotee should do his Lord’s work. During a crucial phase of war against Ravana, Lord Rama got the news that his brother, Lakshman had gone into coma.

anuman Ji jumped at the chance to serve the Master once again and volunteered to go to any extent to save Lakshman’s life. Hanuman Ji hopped and flew to Himalayas and brought back Sanjeevini Parvat when asked by the Master of Medicine, Sukhan as that was the only recourse to save Lakshman ji

On the other hand, with the help of Vibhishan, Hanuman Ji helped restore Ma Janaki back to Shri Rama. In his venture, he always followed the instructions given by Lord Rama with full devotion. Therefore, in Sundar Kand, Lord Ram praises Hanuman Ji’s courage, power and faithfulness, and selfless service by saying, “O mighty hero I cannot repay your debt.”

After listening to this praise, Hanuman Ji fell at the feet of Lord Ram and said humbly, ‘I did all this due to your blessings and protection provided to me.’ Hanuman Ji symbolizes the qualities of an ideal devotee of Lord Ram.

The key qualities of a devotee include humility, righteous behaviour, shunning power and ego, following and preserving Dharma and Satya Marg, showing love to God and to all His creations by Manasa, Vacha, and Karmana, and not expecting rewards for his services. Such qualities in Hanuman Ji made him not only a special and favourite devotee of Lord Ram, but drew huge reverence among devotees of Lord Ram
Hanuman Ji is believed to be the 11th Rudra Roopa of Lord Shiva. He is present as a powerful entity in all Yugas. In Satya Yuga he was in the form of Shiv, in Treta Yuga he existed as Hanuman, in Dwapar Yuga, he was present on the flag of Arjun’s Rath at the time of Kurukshetra War to help Arjun and protect Pandavas as per Lord Krishna’s instructions. In Kali Yuga, he comes in the form of ‘Sankata Mochana’ power which removes all hurdles.

Hanuman Ji performs innumerable miracles as he had obtained all Vedic knowledge from his Guru Lord Surya (Sun God).

By performing Puja of Hanuman Ji his devotees get double bonus: Blessings of Lord Ram Parivar; by worshiping Ganesh; you get blessings of Shiv Parivar; by adoring Radha you get benediction of Krishna and by revering Lakshmi, you get sacred signs of Lord Vishnu. Hanuman Ji thus stands out among his worshippers as his blessings always lead to the fulfillment of all wishes and desires quickly for the devotees.
He is there wherever Lord Ram is there as said in this Shloka.

yatra yatra raghunathakirtana? tatra tatra k?ta mastakañjalim ?
ba?pavariparipur?alocana? maruti? namata rak?
asantakam ?

We all bow down to Hanuman Ji, who is the slayer of demons, and who is present with head bowed and eyes full of flowing tears wherever the Katha of Lord Ram is sung.

A person should try to have all or some of the qualities of a real devotee like Hanuman Ji and render selfless services to humanity and become a favorite and special devotee of the Lord.
Pundit Anil Joshi is the Priest at GraysLake Hindu Temple

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