Photo credit - INDTV USA
Photo credit - INDTV USA

Vidya Sethuraman
India Post News Service

After an exciting season that witnessed a battle between the Bay Area’s most talented singers, Voice of Bay area 2022 has ended with a nail-biting finish on May 14 at Santa Clara convention center. Voice of Bay area was organized by Javanika Entertainment, to hunt for the best singing talent in Bay area and is considered a prestigious and most coveted competition in Silicon Valley. Mesmerizing performances by 9 contestants over 3 rounds of competitions for their quest to win the Armina Trophy was a show to see.

Here are the winners:

    1. Singer’s Choice Round Winner – Divyendu Sen
    2. Best Performance Winner – Saptarshi Mukherjee
    3. Classical Round Winner – Bornali Bhuyan
    4. Most Versatile Singer – Sucheta Deshpande
    5. Judges Choice Winner – Ish Bhatt
    6. Armina Trophy Winner – Sandya Subramanian
    7. Sur round (chord round) winner – Sucheta Deshpande

      Photo credit - INDTV USA