Will Rahul Gandhi be PM?

rahul gandhi e1528267683676Astrologer Jatin Patel assesses his chances

Thru Systems Approach Astrology, Let us look into the future.
Mr. Rahul Gandhi was born June 19, 1970. He was born in the rising sign Cancer ruled by Lord Moon. Moon is weak often making him volatile in nature.
He was born under a malefic (bad) subperiod. Lord Saturn and Lord Moon are extremely weak (they are debilitated).Moon is old, further weakening it. This causes trouble to mother, no mental peace and problems achieving professional success. With Jupiter also being weak, this aggravates problems mentioned above. Jupiter and Saturn are malefic planets for Mr. Gandhi.
Jupiter aspects Sun and Sun is placed in a bad house. This causes problems to father (who was assassinated in 1991). Also, this impacts his intellect, status, leadership qualities, and achieving success in profession. Venus is well placed but weak due to Lord Moon. It however, does give him resources, good financial position and happiness thru assets.
Mercury is strong ruling his initiatives and providing good analytical capabilities. The combination of weak planets Mars, Sun and Moon has given him negative speech, argumentativeness and trouble in education. The affliction to the Lord of the second house Sun, weakness of Venus and fourth house has given him delay or no interest in marriage. Even if he does get married, it would end up in divorce.
Due to weakness of Saturn, masses of people have not fully accepted him. Since 2015, he has faced many problems in his professional career exposing short and angry temper and lack of self control.
The forthcoming sub period and transit of Saturn time is difficult for him. A favorable subperiod of Mercury starts in March 2019. At the time of election for Prime Minister, his natal Saturn will be inspected by the malefic Ketu from a bad house thus creating sudden setbacks, anxiety, and losses. Mars will be transiting thru a bad house creating loss of executive power.
Sept 2022 onwards will see end of his political career. What does this mean? Due to the planetary configuration at the time of birth and transit at the time of election, it seems UNLIKELY that Mr. Gandhi will be leading India.

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