Women’s Day event to focus on solutions

Parmeet K Randhawa

FREMONT, CA: A long time resident of Bay Area, social activist, a professional, volunteering for various social causes, practicing and promoting righteousness, using social media platforms, Parmeet K Randhawa is the mastermind and organizer of the International Women’s Day event ‘Celebrating Achievements’ to be held on March 10.

Parmeet says the speeches this time will be more solution based rather than just pointing out the problems. They will be recorded and played on social media for greater outreach. She says the problem in our society is that we don’t speak up for righteousness. We choose to remain silent. It’s very important that the right voices are heard. The universe conspires to bring about the changes only if we all focus on the changes that are beneficial to humankind.

Parmeet is founder of International Punjabi Pageant and successfully executed beauty pageants for many years. Donald Trump’s lawyers opposed it in 2013 but later they compromised. This pageant promotes gender equality and integrity and shows how diversity fits in while preserving own roots, like many flowers in the same garden. She is against using words like ‘women empowerment’ when women and men are born equal! Why use women empowerment and not men empowerment? Using such phrases plants seeds in women or girls that they need to be empowered, when that is not the case.

The changes need to come from within. The right resources are available; it is up to women to utilize those sources to their own advantage.

Ms. Randhawa, coming from an Army family in India, is a strong proponent of gender equality, highest possible ethics and integrity. She wants everyone to come forward and be part of the solutions and not problems

India Post News Service