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Dr. Clint Rogers

Something has happened that has perhaps never occurred before in the history of the planet like this… 250+ participants from 33 countries (including myself), have just completed the first-ever (and perhaps only) 100-Days Course in the Ancient Secrets of the Siddha Veda Lineage!

And the transformations we’ve experienced in our lives as a result of participating and implementing the Ancient Secrets are definitely worth sharing! Dr. Pankaj Naram, and this healing lineage, (spanning all the way back to Buddha’s physician), must be so happy that this ancient science (whose results occur like Miracles), is continuing forward!

My journey began when I found the book by Dr. Clint G. Rogers, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer – A Western Skeptic, An Eastern Master, And Life’s Greatest Secrets. To give you an idea of the success of this book, volunteers immediately stepped forth to translate the book into over 33 languages!

Dr. Naram (The Eastern Master) left us unexpectedly in the physical just last year yet remains active in his dream of bringing the ancient secrets into every heart and home.

“Within every adversity or challenge, lies the seeds of equal or greater benefit”. ~Dr. Pankaj Naram

We began our 100 Days Course with a particular area we might like to improve. So many of us chose a physical condition to “work on” during the 100 days.

I chose “weight loss”, although my Ayushakti doctor in India (who was guiding me through), also prescribed some herbs that helped with my eyes and ears. The surprising part came when I realized that about halfway through the Course, it became less about the physical, and more about the internal.

It became more a process of deeper healing and self-love, than a desire to change my physical body. I did end up losing 20 lbs., changing my diet in the process, and I feel better than I ever have! I also ended up creating positive change in so many other areas of my life, as a result of giving my energy and effort to implementing the ancient secrets, (the herbs, the marmaa points, the home remedies), and taking on the “challenge activities” in the course.

I feel very grateful that life has brought me to this path, and I am excitedly awaiting the upcoming 100-day Course to learn the Ancient Art of Pulse Reading, from the Siddha Veda Lineage.

Self-care practices introduced in the Course have become a necessity and a way of life! Consequently, I am calmer, happier, more creative and energetic, and my relationships have improved. Including my relationship to myself.

I had been praying for both a gentle detox for my body and mind, as well as finding a group of miracle minded friends, and what God/Great Spirit/Universe brought to me was so much more. I am now part of the soul family and the movement that is sweeping the world.

#ContagiousLove and #ContagiousHealing. Won’t you join us? You can join in the Miracle Experiment Calls through this link on Sundays at 8 You will hear ancient secrets that may change your life and the lives of those you love.

As I write this, it is May 4th, Dr. Naram’s Birthday! Thank you Dr. Naram for the health and healing and Hope you give all of humanity. Find Dr. Clint on Facebook:

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Here is a link to where you can express your interest in participating in the 100-Day Course in Ancient Secrets (if it is ever offered again in the future):

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