BJP should rise above narrow outlook

Rajinder Singh Mago
Rajinder Singh Mago

As a long time US citizen, born and raised in India, I always wish for the best for my motherland, including all the people of India. If this electoral change improves the life of all Indians with jobs, opportunities, dignity, and if the politicians do not stuff their own pockets, that would make me happy. I hope the new government improves the business climate by removing bottlenecks and gives people a chance at jobs, opportunities and dignity.

The downslide of the Indian economy, rotting of the ruling Congress party due to its dynastic power base, perceived foreign flavor, cronyism, corruption, internal bickering, a weak leader in Rahul Gandhi with no concrete agenda for the development of the country and who could not fire the imagination of Indians, and a placeholder prime minister Manmohan Singh, who was given a throne and a scepter but no sword or decision making power, all these have contributed to the Congress debacle.

The BJP, on the other hand, successfully exploited all these weaknesses through the media and marketed Modi’s manifesto of good governance and economic development based on his Gujarat model to heal all the Indian economic ailments.

BJP and its affiliated wings have also been able to whip up Hindutva-based nationalism. I hope that Modi is able to fulfill his promises and create jobs in India, but I don’t think all in BJP are experienced MBAs, or that the BJP itself is devoid of corruption, cronyism, self-interests and extremist factions.

Modi may be good at attracting businesses to Gujarat and later to other Indian states, but his speech is usually acidic and, coupled with his dictatorial attitude, may bring about dissensions and non-cooperation among his own ranks when the honeymoon and celebrations are over.

The BJP has to rise above narrow thinking and control its extremist affiliates to become a truly secular national party and earn international credibility, rather than let India become another Afghanistan or Pakistan.

As for the future of India, it seems bright in the long run. I also hope that BJP understands the delicate balance between US, China and Russia.

Rajinder Singh Mago
(Past President Punjabi
Cultural Society)

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