Creating jobs has to be topmost priority

Thakar Basati
Thakar Basati

Yes, I have been involved in the election campaign ing to some extent. We did support the AAP in Punjab from here and AAP did win four seats, which will make a difference in Punjab.

Punjab faces horrible epidemic of drugs. When I go there for 2-3 months, I sometimes attended a death ceremony every other week due to alcohol or drug abuse. Most of these young people are between 30 to 40 years, married and have 2-3 children. They leave behind young widows. Hopefully drug dealers won’t have government protection anymore and police will not be supporting drug dealers openly.

As far the BJP win all over India is concerned, people listened and trusted Modi’ promises. Time will tell how much he can deliver. India needed a strong hand in dealing with corruption. Many familiar faces in Congress did not dare touch corrupt officers. Hopefully, with Modi at the Center now, people will enjoy some rights. India may be the only country where we have to stand in lines to pay utility bills. So many young people don’t have jobs; why doesn’t the government provide them agencies?

In the U.S., convenience stores collect utility bills and make money, whereas in India, only the government babu will take your money. He takes a tea break every hour while people are standing in line for hours. Here in the US, workers get half-an-hour coffee break and half-an-hour lunch break, whereas in India, there is a break every hour when someone familiar walks in.

There is a lot to be done. Hopefully, it is a step in right direction, we shall see. He does need to take care of the minorities, now that he is the leader of India not just of a certain constituency.

Thakar Basati
(Independent Associate, Director)

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