Dev Darshan Senior Center – India Republic Day celebration

Dev Darshan

Mika Shastri

CHICAGO: Dev Darshan Senior Center celebrated the 75th Republic Day at Bensenville Park District in a grand way.

Dev Darshan Senior Center stands as a non-profit organization in the heart of Chicago, dedicated to nurturing the emotional well-being of our esteemed seniors.  The mission extends beyond mere care; it’s a pledge to honor, celebrate, and seamlessly integrate the invaluable members of our senior community into the vibrant tapestry of society.

The momentous celebration of India’s 75th Republic Day was an example. This momentous occasion, dedicated to honoring the adoption of the Constitution of India, transcended expectations through a symphony of grand celebrations, patriotic fervor and, a vibrant cultural program for our seniors, attended by 100 plus seniors.

The program commenced with a rendition of the devotional song “Ambe Maa,” skillfully led by the Founder and President of Dev Darshan, Mrs. Hema Shastri, accompanied by the youthful voices of Darshan Shastri, Nishika Dubey, Poonam Poddar and Vaishvi Verma and other children. This set the tone for the event, further elevated by rendition of the Indian National Anthem, performed by Poonam Poddar and Founder President Hema Shastri accompanied by Nishika Dubey and Ojaswi

The atmosphere brimmed with patriotic fervor when Nishika Dubey did the rendition of the American National Anthem.

Ojaswi Verma spoke about India’ Republic Day. Her insightful remarks left an indelible impression among the senior citizens connected to their roots and heritage.

The distinguished chief guest for the program, Fatieh Ayyad, delivered an address, passionately shedding light on India’s global significance. Her words resonated with the audience as she explored India’s pivotal role as the world’s largest democracy, emphasizing its profound impact on nations worldwide. Furthermore, Ms. Ayyad highlighted the audience with invaluable contributions of the Indian diaspora, emphasizing their positive influence on various countries, including her homeland in the Middle East.

Shailendra Bhatnagar and his team sang an array of patriotic songs that resonated with the spirit of the nation and India’s Republic Day 2024 celebrations. The audience’s desire for more resonated audibly, echoing their profound connection to the captivating performance.

This was followed by lunch that everyone enjoyed. Monique and Jason Arthur from Blue Cactus Photography offering his photography services to Dev Darshan Senior Center free of charge.

Hema Shastri, Founder President, concluded the program by emphasizing our love for India and profound pride in beings part of the world’s largest democracy.  She said ‘Together, we stand united, weaving a legacy of compassion, respect, and patriotism that echoes through the corridors of Dev Darshan Senior Centre, extending far beyond our immediate community and into the heart of the nation we live.