Guru Purnima meditation event in Wisconsin

SHIVMILWAUKEE: On the occasion of Guru Purnima, Shiv R. Jhawar, author of the book, Building a Noble World, will give a talk that delves deep into the concept of Guru, followed by a guided meditation and Q&A session.

The event that is open to all irrespective of cast, creed religion or color is slated for Sunday July 21at Yog Asylum, in the Sendik’s Town Center in Brookfield, WI 53045 at 2-45 pm. The registration door opens at 2-30 p.m. Suggested donation is $30 which is tax deductible
Guru Purnima Day (Guru’s day) is celebrated every year as a sacred day dedicated to the memory of great sages, saints, and true gurus such as Vyasa, Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, Shankaracharya, Mohammed and Guru Nanak. Powerful lineages of great gurus have been existing since the beginning of time. They teach us that the way to lasting peace is through the awakening of a spiritual energy, which exists within every human being.

Jhawar says, it is important to understand that Guru is not an individual, but a power. There are five cosmic functions in the universe: creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment and grace. Guru is actually the fifth cosmic function, or grace. A guru is necessary to make you experience your innermost pure “I,” the formless eternal Spirit/Awareness inside your body and mind.

Guru removes your sanchit karmas (the negative impressions accumulated in your sushumna nadi over millions of your past lives). Your past karmas are the sole reason for your diseases, and problems. It is said that there are many gurus who will take away your wealth but it is very difficult to find a true Self-realized guru who can remove the weaknesses of your mind such as anger, lust, greed, jealousy, hatred, and ego.

This program is open to people of all religions and cultures.

Hem Vakharia

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