Hindi Manch

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CHICAGO: Hindi Club of Illinois (HCI) successfully staged its second biweekly online event Pratibha Manch via Zoom.

This current event was held on Saturday, June 13, 2020 for Adult participants. It showcased a variety of talent in Hindi from across Midwest region of USA. After the customary opening remarks by HCI Secretary, Vijay Chopra the audience was treated by Mrs. J Shah by her Vandana played expertly on sitar.

Rakesh Malhotra of Lincolnshire, IL skillfully emceed the event. There were poetry recitals by notable local poets about various topics including Coronavirus and upcoming Fathers Day. There

Vijay Arora
Vijay Arora

were also various geet, songs and ghazal singing by talented artists. Himanshi Sharma, a famed Yoga expert, spoke about multiple heath benefits of yoga in daily life. She involved rest of the participants in pranayam practice as a salute to the upcoming international yoga day. Well-known artist Pratibha Phadke from Ohio was special guest.

 S P Garg from Orland Park, IL talked about his newly published book titled, ‘AnandmaySafal Jeevan’. In short, there were a great variety of offerings in the event.

Gurbachan Kaur, Founder/President of HCI made some well thought out comments and reiterated Club’s resolve and efforts to continue involvement of people from the US and Canada to promote Hindi even in the current challenging coronavirus environment.

The event was also carried live on Facebook allowing multitude of people to enjoy it through social media. In his closing remarks Vijay Chopra thanked all the participants, volunteers and sponsors including Sunil Shah, Regal Jewelers and popular publication India Post.

PRATIBHA MANCH by HCI is a new monthly online zoom event designed to promote and encourage usage of Hindi language among the Indian diaspora in the USA and Canada. It allows participants to showcase their skills in Hindi language and culture in singing, dancing, poetry recitals, speaking on topical events etc. This event alternates every two weeks between Children (5 to 15 years) and Adults.

Next event is for Children, scheduled for Saturday, June 27. We are always looking for new and talented participants particularly children. Please contact us on [email protected] or call Gurbachan Kaur, Founder/President, at (847) 962-8595 or Secretary, Vijay Chopra, at 708 704 7935.