Lost temples in Darius Time


Madhu Patel

For those claiming that the term Hindu was coined in the British era, here is a piece of news from the ancient world – The word Hindu is mentioned twice by the Achaemenian emperor Darius (522-486 BCE) in 2 of his inscriptions dated 518 and 515 BCE.

In the images given: The word Hinduš is mentioned as one of 24 subject countries of the Achaemenid Empire, illustrated with the drawing of a kneeling subject & a hieroglyphic cartridge reading 𓉔𓈖𓂧𓍯𓇌 (h-n-d-wꜣ-y), on the Egyptian Statue of Darius I, now in the National Museum of Iran.

These two inscriptions prove beyond any doubt that the term Hindu existed in the BCE era, even before Alexander invaded India, and is NOT a British era construct. Ref: RC Mazumdar “Ancient India” for king Darius inscriptions, p. 97.

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