MAFS rendering yeomen service to seniors in Chicagoland

MAFS Seniors thank

Harish Rao
CHICAGO: Metropolitan Asian Family Services (MAFS) set up in the mid eighties as now blossomed into one the most premier service organizations with twelve locations across Chicagoland offering multi-pronged service to all seniors with different ethnic background.

Headed by Ms. Santosh Kumar often described as Mother Teresa of Chicago and helped among others by its competent staff including Prashant and Sagar Kumar, this Center provides yeomen services not only at its twelve different locations but of late during Corona crisis has intensified its efforts reaching their homes and residences. This is especially so for services connected with health, medicine, cooked food, and entertainment

MAFS Seniors thankThere cannot be a better testimony than what seniors say and feel from the bottom of their hearts being at MAFS / UMAS:
I am Purushottam Thakur and I go to Schaumburg location of the senior center. I just want to thank you on behalf of each and every senior member at Schaumburg and all the other locations for taking really good care of us. Most of the senior faces mental, physical health, loneliness, and the help that you give is really great and admirable.

You make our loneliness go away by driving us and dropping us back home, you organize tea and snack, lunch in the afternoon which is always healthy and all the helpful staff at the senior center take really good care of us. With their guidance, we start the day with prayer and then do all the activities such as singing, dancing, saying jokes, all the physical activities, yoga, and meditation we do provides more strength to us and all the other activities you and your staff do for us is really grateful of you. Whenever there is a festival, you guide us to celebrate and enjoy in a particular way which brings a lot of happiness in our life.

Last but not least, during this tough situation of COVID-19 that the world is facing, you and your staff are always ready to help us. The way your staff takes risk of their life during this Coronavirus situation to bring us food home to home, which is kindly appreciated. That brings smiles on our faces. Thank you and your staff for doing the best you do for everyone.

Another Senior writes Ms. Santosh Ji, It was so much fun doing zoom meeting today with all the seniors. We enjoyed it so much and it was a brilliant idea doing this, so all the seniors got to see each other and it brought smiles on our faces. Thank you again for doing this meeting.

And one more Senior writes… Now, in the end, I thank you, Ms. Santosh Kumar, from my heart who is like ‘maa’ to all of us seniors at Senior Center and takes care of all of us just like a ‘maa’. It doesn’t matter how old we are, Ms. Santosh Kumar gives us the love that a mother gives to her kids.

God Bless Maa Santosh Kumar and her dedicated MAFS & UMAS TEAM for their continued selfless service in taking care of thousands of our Senior Citizens with hot home-delivered meals and all other much-needed services including health-related and homemaker services. Big Salute to all of you for your splendid dedication, unconditional love, and remarkable Commitment to care and share

Ms. Kumar observes the Cooking Staff and Drivers are doing amazing work, Let’s make them understand and know, how much we appreciate them”!