Raja bid for Congress gets momentum

Raja with Sohan Joshi, Ritu Chander and James Shapiro
Raja with Sohan Joshi, Ritu Chander and James Shapiro

CHICAGO: A fundraising event was held for Raja Krishnamoorthi on Friday, January 22 at Masti Grill restaurant on Devon Avenue.

A diverse group in attendance included James Shapiro, retired Cook County Circuit Court Judge; Hema Rajagopalan, Founder of Natya Dance Theatre; and Susana Ortiz, candidate for Judge in Cook County.
Krishnamoorthi fielded questions in a town hall style format for almost an hour so residents could gain a better understanding of Krishnamoorthi’s position on critical issues facing our communities.

During the Q & A session, Raja pitched for common sense gun reform in America. “I meet many children from the south side of Chicago who live in fear that they could get shot when they walk outside. They deserve a safer community in which they can grow, learn and have a fair shot at success. That’s why I support common sense gun control measures like universal criminal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, and preventing suspected terrorists from buying firearms.”

Other questions posed related to legal use of marijuana and pointed fear in the local South Asian community regarding the anti-Muslim rhetoric in the media. Chicago resident Imraan Durani shared his son’s fear of Muslims being rounded up into concentration camps, as Jews were in the Holocaust, if Presidential Candidate Donald Trump were to win the election. Raja emphasized the importance of engaging with political leaders to ensure our voices are heard.

“I was extremely impressed with Raja’s passionate delivery of his message and what he stands for in this campaign. His academic credentials are also impressive and also his commitment to thoughtful leadership when our country is at this critical juncture”, Shapiro states.

Mrs Rajagopalan shared with us how much she enjoyed the intimate environment to converse with Raja and his supporters. “The event was structured nicely to flow from hearing the live singing performance, to mingling to the Town Hall meeting when we heard Raja’s positions, like how he will do his best to take bipartisan approach to his work in Washington”.

The event was hosted by Ritu Chander of Helix Patent Services and Masti Grill.

Surendra Ullal

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