Seeking Diwali holiday in Bellevue School District 

Bellevue School District EMBLEM

India Post News Service

CHICAGO: Indian Americans are seeking that all Bellevue School District (BSD) schools in Washington to close on popular festival Diwali; which falls on October 24 this year. The pitch is made by Rajan Zed President of Universal Society of Hinduism contending that it was simply not fair with many Indian pupils in BSD schools as they had to be at school on their most popular festival, while schools remain closed around other religious days.

 He said that holiday on Diwali in BSD schools would be a step in the positive direction in view of the reported presence of a substantial number of Hindu students; as it was important to meet the religious and spiritual needs of Hindu pupils.

BSD Board President Sima Sarrafan and Interim Superintendent Dr. Art Jarvis are urged to seriously look into declaring Diwali as an official holiday; thus recognizing the intersection of spirituality and education. Zed noted that awareness about ‘other’ religions thus created by such holidays like Diwali would make their students well-nurtured, well-balanced, and enlightened citizens of tomorrow.

Hinduism is the oldest and third largest religion of the world with about 1.2 billion adherents and moksh (liberation) is its ultimate goal. There are about three million Hindus in the USA.

BSD’s Mission includes “To serve each and every student academically, socially, and emotionally”; and its Values include “honor each other’s strengths and traditions”.

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