University of Silicon Andhra celebrates Dr. Lakireddy’s 80th birthday

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The University of Silicon Andhra celebrated the 80th birthday of Dr. Lakireddy Hanimireddy, the grand benefactor of its campus building in Milpitas, on Sunday, October 2nd. Indian Consulate General, Dr. T.V. Nagendra Prasad, from San Francisco attended the ceremony as the chief guest. He applauded Dr. Lakireddy’s concern for the society and the numerous philanthropic donations he has made in India and the US. Not only as an Indian, but also as a fellow Telugu speaker, he said he is very proud of Dr. Lakireddy’s contributions to make the world a better place.

University of Silicon Andhra staff cordially welcomed Dr. Lakireddy and his wife Vijaylakshmi from their hotel and brought them ceremonially to the campus in a horse carriage. From there, he was carried in a palanquin, while people showered him with flowers. The president of the university, Dr. Anand Kuchibhotla, and Chief Academic Officer, Raju Chamarthi, welcomed him into the building.

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The consul general unveiled the statue of Dr. Lakireddy and a metal plaque in the front of the building dedicated to Dr. Lakireddy’s contributions and philanthropy to the society. Dr. Anand recollected Dr. Lakireddy’s philanthropy in being the first donor who made it possible to purchase the campus building and reminded everyone in the audience that Sunday, October 2nd, 2022 marked the sixth anniversary of opening the campus to the public.

The cultural program started with vedic chants and blessings from the head priests of Livermore Shiva Vishnu temple and Veda temple of Milpitas. The priests have expressed their sincere gratitude to the numerous donations Dr. Lakireddy and his family made for the temples. Ms. Eesha Tanugula’s song followed by Ms. Anagha Ayyagari’s violin concert set the stage for the celebrations.

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Renowned Kuchipudi dance artist Mr. Murthy Madhavapeddi performed a solo dance that enthralled the audience. Dr. Lakireddy and his wife Vijayalakshmi were felicitated by the UofSA team on the stage. They have conferred an honorary title, “SiliconAndhra Srikara” to the esteemed guest of honor. The 80 years young doctor cut the specially made cake surrounded by his family while everyone sang happy birthday.

Congressman Ro Khanna, California State Senator David Cartese, California Assembly Member Ask Kalra were among the dignitaries who had sent wishes and commendation for his philanthropy and generosity to Dr.Lakireddy. Administrative offices of UC Merced also sent their wishes and flower bouquets for the occasion. Community leaders Raj Reddy, Dr. Raghunath Reddy, Kiran Prabha, and Dilip Kondiparti were among those who shared their association with Dr.Lakireddy and called upon everyone to learn about his concern for others and his philanthropic donations. Later on, organizers played an AV for the audience that highlighted Dr. Lakireddy’s life and achievements.

University of Silicon Andhra (6)Dr. Lakireddy expressed his deep gratitude for the love and affection poured on him. He recollected how quality education changed his course of life and helped him achieve so much in life. He pointed out that he made it his life’s mission to help everyone get a fair chance to get that education. He felt happy that his charitable contributions in India and the US are helping make the world a better place for everyone. He and his family thanked Sai Kandula, Sriram Kotni, Dilip Sangaraju, Siva Parimi, Kiran Simhadri, Narendra Uddaraju, Giri Tanari and all SiliconAndhra volunteers who helped make this a memorable day for them.