World Money Exchange selected as best in its category

Anil Shah
Anil Shah

Harish Rao

CHICAGO: Anil Shah a leading businessman in Chicagoland and the president of World Money Exchange Inc. has added one more feather in his growing cap of achievements. His company World Money Exchange has been selected again to receive as the front ranking business houses in 2020 qualifying for the Best of Chicago Award in Foreign currency exchange & Precious Metals category by the ChicagoAward Program.

The Chicago Award Program is an annual affair honoring the achievements of local businesses and this recognition is given to those companies that have shown an ability to use their facilities to generate competitive advantages and long-term values in the society they are in.

Each year the Program management identifies companies that achieved great marketing success in the community and business category. The companies selected essentially takes care of the best interests of the people it serves.  The selected companies make Chicago a better place to work and live.