Prominent Hindu activist Milind Makwana dies of heart attack during city council hearing in California

Indian-American Hindu activist

A prominent Indian-American Hindu activist fighting against the recent caste discrimination bill in California Assembly died of a heart attack as he passionately spoke against it at a city council meeting in Cupertino, sending shock waves amongst the Hindu American community in the country.

Milind’s journey began in Mumbai. He later pursued his dreams in the US, where he made significant contributions to the high-tech sector as a Technical Program Manager at a Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley. Beyond his professional achievements, he was an active community member, passionate about learning and teaching Hindu precepts and principles to children.

Indian-American Hindu activistMilind was representative of the Hindu community and was a marginalized Hindu based on the so-called caste structure. However, he was of the firm opinion that this so-called law to protect the marginalized community was, in fact, counterproductive and regressive. He was also a member of the Ambedkar-Phule Network of American Dalits and Bahujans (APNADB), and he has written books, created creative games for children, and countless other activities over the years.

According to his friends, he spoke out against SB403, the anti-caste discrimination bill in the California State Assembly. Milind firmly believed that this law intended to protect marginalized communities was actually detrimental and regressive. He hailed as a representative of the Indian community and facing marginalization due to the caste system.

Milind was an active volunteer at Sewa International USA. He actively participated in relief work during the massive floods that struck Tamil Nadu in 2015. Over the years, he devoted himself to various service activities and fundraising events with the California Bay Area Sewa chapter.

On behalf of Americans4Hindus, we would like to pay our heartfelt tribute to our dear friend, Milind Makwana. Milind was a passionate advocate for the rights and values we hold dear. He fearlessly spoke out against SB403, delivering powerful speeches that resonated with our community. Just one day before his passing, he stood before the Honorable Assemblyman Evan Low at Japra Mahal, debunking SB403 with unwavering determination. His commitment to the cause was truly inspiring, said Dr Romesh Japra, Founder, Americans4Hindus.

Milind had this clear conviction that Dalits and Bahujan are also Hindu. He was passionate about Justice for underprivileged communities and, at the same time, wanted mutual trust and harmony among all communities,” his wife Purvi Makwana said in a statement issued by the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS).

Arun Kankani, President of Sewa International, said, “Milind’s loss is a great shock to all, and a much sadder part of it is that God has taken away such a gem of a karyakarta (volunteer) so early. As we remember his life, let us also reflect on the importance of caring for our well being. This tragic incident serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life. I urge everyone to prioritize their health. As we grieve, let us keep Milind’s noble soul in our thoughts and prayers, hoping that he attains moksha.”

Rishi Kumar, Former City Council member, Saratoga said, “I met him when we first launched BalaGokulam in Saratoga many years ago. He was a kind, compassionate, and giving soul who was passionate about the community. Despite his busy schedule, he consistently made an effort to help others and contribute. He went above and beyond by supporting my run numerous times, even involving his friends in the mechanics and campaign rigmarole. “

His friends believe that Milind Makwana’s untimely departure has left a void in the fight against caste discrimination, but his legacy as a fervent activist will continue to inspire and fuel the pursuit of social justice.

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