BOSTON: In a bold step to take the discussion of the latest book, Snakes in the Ganga by prominent Hindu author, Rajiv Malhotra, to the ground zero, a book presentation was organized Nov 9 2022 by The Institute of Advanced Sciences at the Harvard Faculty Club with an invited only exclusive audience of prominent faculty, intellectuals, students, and community leaders in the Boston area.

The discussion included a critique presented by Professor Francis Clooney of Harvard Divinity School and responses by Rajiv Malhotra. A panel consisting of Professor Yogesh Rathi of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Mrinalini Darsala of Harvard Kennedy School, Mukesh Chattar, a prominent corporate leader, and Dr. Mrittyunjay Guha Majumdar raised several issues covered in the book. Nearly two – hour discussion was moderated by Professor Bal Ram Singh of the Institute.

The basic premise of the book propounds that Marxists and leftist have resorted to a new approach of Wokeism to apply Critical Race Theory to castes in India as Critical Caste Theory defining Dalits in India as the Blacks of America. This allows them to superimpose atrocities on Black population in America on the conditions of Dalits in India, in an effort to break India by dividing Hindus.

Rajiv identified such scholars in Harvard as poisonous snakes who could bite and kill a society, be it America or India. Prof Clooney agreed with the problem in applying such straight jacket theory, and welcomed Rajiv’s right to take on Harvard on this issue, citing that Harvard examines everyone on earth, so why should it be spared.

Without willing to defend or attack Harvard scholars of India in various institutes and centers of Harvard, he focused on the work being conducted in the Divinity School, and mentioned the plans to expand Hindu Studies there.

Bal Ram Singh described the event an important one for the academic and intellectual community. Persons like Rajiv Malhotra and Francis Clooney although coming from different backgrounds of business and spirituality, have dedicated to the good of the society through intellectual and academic enterprise.

Rajiv has been a listening post who blows the horn in public interest. He thanked the prominent members of the audience that also had faculty and researchers of Harvard, including some members of Indian civil services, and several business and community leaders.

The event was organized with the assistance of Abhishek Singh of the Federation of Indian Associations and PramitMaakoday of Boston Center of Excellence.